O.J. Simpson’s Death: Potential Impact on Goldman and Brown Civil Suit Payouts


The passing of O.J. Simpson on July 2nd, 2024, reignites questions surrounding the unresolved civil suit payouts owed to the families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson. This article explores the potential implications of Simpson’s death on the ongoing legal battle and the challenges the Goldmans and Browns may face in recouping the $33.5 million judgment awarded in 1997.

A Legacy of Controversy: The 1994 Murders and Civil Trial

In June 1994, the brutal murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman sent shockwaves through the nation. O.J. Simpson, Nicole’s ex-husband and a beloved football star, became the prime suspect. A highly publicized trial followed, culminating in Simpson’s acquittal on murder charges in 1995. However, a separate civil trial in 1997 found him liable for the wrongful deaths of both victims, resulting in a $33.5 million judgment against him.

O.J. Simpson's Death
O.J. Simpson’s Death

Simpson’s Estate and the Probate Process

With Simpson’s death, the focus shifts to his estate and its ability to satisfy the outstanding debt. The exact value and composition of the estate remain unclear, although it’s believed to include real estate holdings in Florida.

Here’s how Simpson’s death may influence the civil suit payouts:

Probate Process: Simpson’s assets will now enter probate court in Nevada, his state of residence at the time of his death. The court will determine the validity of any existing will, identify beneficiaries, and settle any outstanding debts before distributing the remaining assets.

Potential for Multiple Jurisdictions: Depending on the extent of Simpson’s assets in other states like California and Florida, separate probate proceedings might be necessary in those jurisdictions as well.

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Prioritization of Debts: The $33.5 million judgment against Simpson is considered secured debt, meaning it has priority over unsecured debts like credit card bills during the probate process. However, the actual amount of money available for payout might be significantly less if Simpson had significant unsecured debts.

Will vs. Trust: Implications for Beneficiaries

The existence and nature of Simpson’s will will significantly impact how his assets are distributed. Here are two possibilities:

Scenario 1: A Will Leaving Assets to Children: If Simpson had a will leaving his assets to his children, Arnelle, Jason, Sydney, and Justin, those assets would be subject to probate before distribution. The probate process would also consider any outstanding debts.

Scenario 2: Assets Placed in a Trust: If Simpson established a trust for his children, the assets held within the trust might be shielded from creditors, potentially offering some protection from the civil suit judgment.

Legal Challenges for the Goldmans and Browns

While the secured debt status of the judgment gives the Goldmans and Browns an advantage, recouping the full amount remains a significant challenge. Here’s why:

Potential for Hidden Assets: Fred Goldman’s prior statements about Simpson’s team of lawyers “hiding assets” raise concerns about the actual value of the estate. Locating and recovering such hidden assets would require additional legal action.

Fraudulent Transfers: The Associated Press highlights the possibility of the Goldmans and Browns filing lawsuits to challenge any past asset transfers by Simpson that were potentially made to avoid creditors. Proving such transfers as fraudulent would require legal evidence.

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