On the site of Xiaomi Youpin appeared a 16-inch tablet for $28.


This is a children’s tablet for drawing and writing.

Xiaoxun tablet has appeared on the Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding platform, which stands out in the fact that with a 16-inch screen it costs only $ 28.

Xiaomi tablet
Xiaomi tablet

On the site of Xiaomi Youpin appeared a 16-inch tablet for $28. 

The secret is simple. The fact is that this is not such a tablet as you might think. This is not a smart device, but only a panel for drawing or writing. The stylus required for operation is supplied as a set, and the system recognizes the force of pressing.

The tablet display is always black, and the drawn or written automatic ones are painted in three colors: blue, yellow, or green, but with gradient transitions. The site does not indicate the type of panel, but there is a mention that the display does not have a backlight. That is, most likely, the E Ink panel is used here.

The dimensions of the tablet are 368 x 268 x 8 mm, but the mass is not indicated. For power, one CR2025 battery is used, which should be enough for a year of operation, although, of course, everything will depend on the activity of users.

From the rest, one can note the magnetic fastening of the stylus to the body, the physical erase button, and the lock of this button itself.



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