The first Apple PC without an Intel processor lit up in the test. Developer Transition Kit Results Are Curious


At least due to Rosetta 2 restrictions

Just a couple of hours ago, we reported that developers began to receive the Developer Transition Kit PC. We also suggested that we should expect various leaks related to this.

first Apple PC
first Apple PC

The first Apple PC without an Intel processor lit up in the test. Developer Transition Kit Results Are Curious

And the first appeared much earlier than one might expect. Someone has already tested such a PC in Geekbench. The benchmark database already contains eight corresponding entries. The PC scores 736-844 points in single-threaded mode and 2632-2962 in multi-threaded mode. For comparison, the newest iPad Pros with the same SoC A12Z Bionic gain about 1110 and 4600 points in the same test, respectively.

That is, in single-threaded mode, the difference is about 30-35% in favor of the tablet, but in multi-threaded PCs, it gains almost half as much, which at first glance looks very strange.

However, there is a simple explanation. The fact is that now the Rosetta 2 dynamic translator is able to work with only four processor cores (which is shown in the benchmark results), while the A12Z Bionic has eight of them, so the results are quite reasonable.

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