Only 20% of GeForce owners own RTX 3060 or better graphics cards


More than half have not switched to RTX yet

Nvidia, after publishing an incredible quarterly report , shared details about the gaming direction.

Sales of this division increased by 22%. It’s nothing compared to the Data Center division, but overall a great result, especially against the backdrop of a stagnant PC market as a whole.

RTX 3060
RTX 3060

Notebook GPU sales have reportedly outpaced discrete desktop GPU sales. Exactly how much is not reported.

Only 20% of GeForce owners own RTX 3060 or better graphics cards

Nvidia also said that only 47% of the company’s installed graphics card user base has switched to RTX cards. That is, a little more than half of the people who use GeForce have GTX family cards in their assets.

Moreover, only about 20% of users own adapters that are comparable in performance to or ahead of the RTX 3060. Simply put, the vast majority of users have far from the most productive adapters by modern standards.

However, here it is worth saying that this is the majority of users, not gamers. Nvidia doesn’t have the ability to separate the former from the latter, so it’s important to understand that a lot of GeForce owners either don’t play games at all or play very little.

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