Peak TV Overload: Warner Bros. TV Boss Channing Dungey Analyzes the Streaming Bubble Burst


The era of “Peak TV,” characterized by a vast and ever-expanding landscape of television shows, has come under scrutiny by Warner Bros. Television Group chairman and CEO Channing Dungey. In her keynote address at the Banff World Media Festival, Dungey argued that while this period of abundant content may have seemed exciting for viewers, it ultimately presented challenges for both the industry and audiences.

Channing Dungey
Channing Dungey

The Downside of Peak TV: Too Much Choice, Too Little Focus

Dungey’s central point revolved around the sheer volume of shows produced during Peak TV. With estimates suggesting upwards of 600 scripted series being churned out annually, viewers struggled to keep up, leading to a sense of overwhelm and a lack of “critical mass” for any individual show.

This oversaturation also impacted the business side of television. Escalating content costs combined with difficulty in attracting and retaining viewers put a strain on studios. As Dungey stated, “The truth of the matter is Peak TV wasn’t great for the business.” The consequence? Industry contraction, with fewer overall deals being made and content acquisition prices potentially dropping.

A Shift in Focus: Quality Over Quantity and Platform-Agnostic Storytelling

Dungey’s address signaled a potential shift in the industry’s approach. Studios may prioritize quality storytelling over simply producing a sheer quantity of content. She emphasized the importance of “great stories” regardless of platform, suggesting a move away from developing shows solely for specific streaming services or traditional cable networks.

This platform-agnostic approach is exemplified by Dungey’s highlighting of “The Pitt,” an upcoming medical procedural for Max, the Warner Bros. Discovery streaming platform. By adopting a traditional weekly release schedule, “The Pitt” aims to recapture the experience of “old school broadcasts” within the streaming landscape.

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The Future of Beloved Franchises: Ted Lasso, Friends, and The West Wing

Dungey also addressed the audience’s curiosity about the fate of popular franchises. While fans of “Ted Lasso” yearned for more episodes, Dungey revealed Apple TV+’s desire for additional content is contingent on creator Jason Sudeikis finding the “right idea.” A potential reboot of “Friends” was deemed highly unlikely due to the difficulty of replicating the magic of the original cast and characters.

The current political climate in the US also influenced Dungey’s stance on a potential “West Wing” revival. She acknowledged the possibility but expressed uncertainty about its suitability for the present moment.

Warner Bros. Discovery’s Global Expansion and Content Pipeline

Dungey’s appearance at Banff coincided with Warner Bros. Discovery’s plans to expand Max internationally and bolster its content creation across film and television studios. Emphasizing her role as a leader who shields her teams from “the distractions of the broader business,” Dungey aims to foster an environment conducive to creative excellence.

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