Pentax believes in the future of SLR cameras


This can be considered evidence that the Japanese manufacturer does not intend to produce mirrorless cameras.

Ricoh Imaging, which now owns the Pentax brand, continues to see DSLRs as a promising trend. To express her position, she even created a special site that sets out the vision of photography and the five basic principles that the manufacturer adheres to.

Pentax SLR cameras
Pentax SLR cameras

Pentax believes in the future of SLR cameras

The website says, “When shooting with a single-lens reflex camera, light passes through the lens and optical viewfinder. You look at the image with your own eyes and feel it with your heart. ”

According to Pentax, it is a “unique experience” that involves enjoying the process of photography. The company names Pentax as the first camera manufacturer in Japan to develop a DSLR and expresses its belief that continuous advances in technology are key to the future of SLR photography.



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