“Pig”: in Red Dead Online came up with their own variation of rugby


Last updated on May 1st, 2023 at 07:56 pm

“Pig”: in Red Dead Online came up with their own variation of rugby

Red Dead Online users are known for their slightly crazy ideas. Recently, they began to en masse disguise Rockstar Games clowns to protest the developers at s, who are poorly supplying the project with content. And now there is information about an in-game sport called “piggy” (Pigby), invented by the RDO community. It mixes rugby elements with massive brawls.


A kind of sports competition became known thanks to a video from a user of the Reddit forum under the pseudonym Sithcrutchy3. The video perfectly demonstrates the essence of entertainment. The players are divided into two teams and stand at approximately the same distance from the center of the conditional field, where the referee enters and throws the carcass of a bird (or an animal – apparently, this is not strictly regulated by the rules). After that, the participants in the match run to the improvised ball in order to grab it and carry it to the place where the rivals started. The one who managed to cope with the task first won the round.

When users collide in the center of the field, they begin to fight. They actively push, fight with their fists, and knock opponents down so that they cannot grab the shell.

We will remind, tomorrow Red Dead Online will receive a major update that will add a role related to naturalism, and will make a lot of changes.

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