Pirate Action RPG King of Seas Gets Demo On Steam And Final Release Date


Pirate Action RPG King of Seas Gets Demo On Steam And Final Release Date

Publisher Team17, on its official website, announced the final release date for the pirate action RPG King of Seas from the Italian studio 3DClouds and announced the release of a demo version of the game.

King of Seas
King of Seas

As a reminder, it was originally assumed that King of Seas would go on sale on February 18 of this year, but with the Team17 boarding project, the project’s release had to be postponed until May.

As it became known, King of Seas will appear on the shelves of digital stores on May 25 this year in versions for PC (Steam, Microsoft Store), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Despite the closeness of the release, pre-orders for King of Seas have not yet started. However, the cost of creating 3DClouds is already known and will be $ 25 (the ruble equivalent is not specified).

As for the demo, it is available on the King of Seas page on Steam. The introductory edition weighs 1.35 GB and invites you to fight “some of the most formidable pirates that can be found in the game

Judging by the first reviews, the “probe” suffers from several technical problems: Steam users report broken scripts, bugs, and interface elements not working properly.

King of Seas is set in a procedurally generated world in which players will experience a “grand adventure” full of “violent confrontations,” “breathtaking missions,” and “amazing characters.”

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