Project Athia gets a new trailer and final name – Forspoken


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:54 pm

Project Athia gets a new trailer and final name – Forspoken

Square Enix and Luminous Productions have unveiled a new trailer and final title for the story-driven adventure Project Asia as part of Square Enix Presents’ debut release.


From now on, Project Athena will be called Forspoken. The main heroine of the project is the girl Frey Holland, whose role, as expected, is played by the star of Charlie’s Angels of the 2019 sample Ella Balinska.

“Frey’s character is alive. She is inexperienced; she got lost – both literally and figuratively – and instantly felt a connection with her. I think many other people around the world will have the same feeling when they start this adventure, ”said Ballina.

Frey in Forspoken first enters Asia, a “stunningly beautiful, but also violent and dangerous” region. Some of the threats pending for the players were shown in the new trailer (attached above).

To survive, the young heroine will have to master magical abilities: it is also reported that Frey “will meet many formidable enemies and overcome insidious trials on the way to the goal. 

“Forspoken was made specifically for the PlayStation 5 with the power and features of the new console in mind to create a game that can deliver a truly next-generation experience,” said Square Enix.

Forspoken is being developed not only for PS5 but also for PC. The game will be exclusive to these two platforms for two years from its release, expected in 2022.

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