Psychological horror movie In Sound Mind has a release date


Psychological horror movie In Sound Mind has a release date

Publisher Modus Games and studio We Create Stuff have announced that In Sound Mind, a psychological horror game, will be released on August 3 on PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam, EGS, GOG).

In sound mind
In sound mind

According to the plot, the main character wakes up within the walls of a strange building that lives its own life. To get out of this nightmare, the protagonist will have to travel through the memories of the victims of some experimental therapy.

As noted by the developers, each chapter of In Sound Mind will be filled with unique mechanics, crazy puzzles, and boss battles. Unusual characters and the cat Tonya will accompany the player.

The work of the composer The Living Tombstone should give a special atmosphere to the game. Unique creepy music is created for each memory.

Recall that In Sound Mind is being developed by the famous modification for Half-Life 2 called Nightmare House 2, which turned the first-person shooter into a horror. 

You can check out In Sound Mind before release with a free demo on Steam.

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