Qatar Airways and Gategroup Partner for Gourmet Inflight Dining


Get ready to tantalize your taste buds at cruising altitude! Qatar Airways and Gategroup have joined forces to elevate inflight dining, promising a culinary experience that soars above the ordinary. This exciting partnership brings together the airline’s renowned service with Gategroup’s expertise in menu design, operations, and sustainability.

A Match Made in Foodie Heaven: What to Expect

Elevated Experiences: Buckle up for a sensory journey with meticulously crafted menus featuring high-quality ingredients, a focus on health and nutrition, and a nod to local flavors. Sourcing local produce ensures freshness, and authenticity, and supports local businesses.

Collaborative Creations: A dedicated culinary studio in Doha will be the epicenter of innovation, where chefs from both parties will co-create mouthwatering menus that cater to diverse palates and dietary needs.

Sustainable Practices: Responsibility reigns supreme! Sustainable sourcing and responsible waste management will be key components of this partnership, aligning with both companies’ environmental commitments.

Operational Excellence: From menu development to food preparation and service, efficiency will be paramount. Expect consistent quality, delicious taste, and an overall dining experience that reflects Qatar Airways’ 5-star standards.

New Revenue Streams: The partnership explores innovative dining concepts and potential revenue streams, ensuring a win-win situation for both companies and, most importantly, passengers.

A Legacy of Excellence: Setting the Bar Higher

This collaboration marks a significant step forward for inflight dining, pushing the boundaries of creativity and quality. Qatar Airways, already recognized as the World’s Leading Airline 2023, is poised to further elevate its passenger experience with this exciting partnership.


Q: What specific changes can I expect on my next Qatar Airways flight?

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A: Menus will feature higher-quality ingredients, incorporate local flavors, and offer healthier options. Expect exciting new dishes and concepts as the partnership progresses.

Q: How will this partnership benefit the environment?

A: Sustainable sourcing and responsible waste management will be prioritized, reducing the environmental impact of inflight dining.

Q: Will this affect the price of my ticket?

A: The impact on ticket prices is yet to be determined. However, the partnership aims to optimize costs and potentially unlock new revenue streams.

Q: Can I try the new menus on the ground too?

A: While the focus is currently on inflight dining, the partnership might extend to Qatar Airways’ lounges and other ground experiences in the future.

Q: How can I stay updated on the latest developments?

A: Follow Qatar Airways and gategroup on social media or check their official websites for news and announcements about the partnership.

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