Realme Expands its 5G Lineup the Realme 12 and 12+ in India


Get ready to witness the dawn of a new era in smartphone technology as Realme gears up to launch its highly anticipated Realme 12 and Realme 12+ on March 6th in India. With pre-orders commencing today, excitement is reaching a fever pitch among tech enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the unveiling of these cutting-edge devices.

Features Overview

Realme has left no stone unturned in crafting the Realme 12 series, promising an array of groundbreaking features to elevate the user experience. The Realme 12 5G steals the spotlight with its impressive 108MP camera setup, catering to the burgeoning demand for high-resolution photography. Meanwhile, its counterpart, the Realme 12+ 5G, boasts the powerful Dimensity 7050 SoC and a stunning 120Hz AMOLED display enhanced with Rainwater Smart Touch technology for seamless navigation.

Design Elements

Both devices flaunt a sleek flat-edge design, exuding elegance and sophistication. Available in an elegant white color variant, the Realme 12 series sets a new standard for aesthetic appeal in the mid-range smartphone segment. The centrally positioned punch-hole housing the selfie camera adds a touch of modernity, while the absence of a traditional 3.5mm headphone jack signifies a shift towards streamlined connectivity solutions.

Pre-Order Details

Exciting news for eager consumers – pre-orders for the Realme 12 5G and Realme 12+ 5G kick off today at 2:00 PM on Flipkart. Don’t miss your chance to be among the first to experience the future of smartphone innovation firsthand.

Affordable Option in the Realme 12 Series

Positioned as the most budget-friendly choice in the Realme 12 series, the Realme 12 5G offers unparalleled value for money. With specifications including the MediaTek Dimensity 6100+ processor and 8GB of RAM, users can expect seamless performance and multitasking capabilities. Coupled with the intuitive Realme UI 5.0 skin overlay, the Realme 12 5G delivers a smooth and intuitive user experience.

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Battery and Pricing Insights

Battery longevity is a key consideration for modern smartphone users, and the Realme 12 5G doesn’t disappoint. With a robust 4880mAh battery, users can enjoy extended usage without worrying about frequent recharges. Additionally, Realme tantalizes consumers with insights into the pricing of the Realme 12+ 5G, hinting at its affordability as the first smartphone under the Rs 20,000 segment to feature a Sony sensor and Optical Image Stabilization (OIS).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the key features of the Realme 12 series?
A: The Realme 12 series boasts cutting-edge features including a 108MP camera setup, powerful processors, and stunning AMOLED displays, setting a new standard for mid-range smartphones.

Q: When can I pre-order the Realme 12 series?
A: Pre-orders for the Realme 12 5G and Realme 12+ 5G start today at 2:00 PM on Flipkart, allowing consumers to secure their devices before the official launch.

Q: What is the expected battery life of the Realme 12 5G?
A: With a robust 4880mAh battery, the Realme 12 5G offers extended usage without frequent recharges, ensuring uninterrupted performance throughout the day.

Q: Will the Realme 12 series support fast charging?
A: While specific details about fast charging capabilities are not confirmed, Realme is known for equipping its devices with efficient charging solutions to minimize downtime.

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