Redfall Refunds: A Bittersweet Finale for a Troubled Game


The vampire-hunting co-op shooter Redfall, released in May 2023, has had a tumultuous journey. Despite its promising premise, the game received mixed reviews due to bugs, repetitive gameplay, and a lackluster story. Now, with the closure of developer Arkane Austin in May 2024, the promised DLC has been canceled, leading to refunds for players who purchased the Redfall Hero Pass.

Redfall Refunds
Redfall Refunds

The Demise of Redfall’s Expansion

The Redfall Hero Pass was a major selling point for the game’s premium “Bite Back Edition” and was available for separate purchase. It promised to expand the Redfall experience with two new playable vampire slayers, each boasting unique abilities, alongside additional content. However, the shuttering of Arkane Austin effectively rendered further development on Redfall impossible.

This unforeseen circumstance left Microsoft, Redfall’s publisher, with a critical decision. With no team to create the promised DLC, continuing to sell the Hero Pass would be unethical. As a result, Microsoft initiated a refund process for all players who purchased the season pass.

The Refund Process and What to Expect

Microsoft is reportedly issuing refunds in waves. This means not everyone who purchased the Hero Pass will receive their money back immediately. Patience is key during this process. If you haven’t received your refund within a reasonable timeframe, you can check your spam folder for any emails from Microsoft regarding the refund.

For those who bought the Redfall Hero Pass digitally through the Xbox Store, Microsoft Store, Steam, or Epic Games Store, the refunds should be automatically deposited back to the original payment method used for purchase.

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Physical Copy Refunds and Alternative Routes

The situation is slightly different for players who purchased the Hero Pass as part of a physical copy of the Redfall: Bite Back Edition. These players will likely need to contact the retailer where they bought the game to inquire about a refund or store credit.

If you’re unsure about the refund process or haven’t received a notification after a reasonable wait time, contacting Microsoft customer support directly is recommended.

The Future of Redfall: A Bittersweet Farewell

The cancellation of the Redfall Hero Pass and the studio closure mark a bittersweet ending for the game. While the base game received moderate reception, the potential for expansion content offered a glimmer of hope for improvement.

However, the refunds are a positive step by Microsoft, ensuring players who purchased the Hero Pass receive their money back due to the unfulfilled promises.

Lessons Learned and Looking Ahead

The Redfall situation serves as a cautionary tale for both developers and players. Open communication regarding upcoming content and managing expectations are crucial. This incident highlights the importance of studios being transparent about development timelines and potential roadblocks.

For players, it underscores the importance of researching and understanding the content included in season passes before purchasing.


Q: Why are people getting refunds for Redfall DLC?

A: The studio that developed Redfall, Arkane Austin, closed down, making it impossible to create the promised DLC. Microsoft is issuing refunds for the Redfall Hero Pass due to the unfulfilled content.

Q: How do I get a refund for the Redfall Hero Pass?

A: If you purchased the Hero Pass digitally, the refund should be automatic. For physical copies, contact your retailer. If you haven’t received a refund after a reasonable wait time, contact Microsoft customer support.

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Q: Will Redfall receive any future updates?

A: Unfortunately, no. With the closure of Arkane Austin, there is no development team to work on further updates for Redfall.