Redick Rocks the Purple and Gold: Lakers Hire Former Sharpshooter as Head Coach


The Los Angeles Lakers have made a seismic shift in their coaching search, opting for an unorthodox yet intriguing solution. According to a reliable source with knowledge of the decision, the Lakers are set to hire former NBA sharpshooter JJ Redick as their new head coach. This marks a bold move for the franchise, considering Redick’s complete lack of coaching experience at the professional level.

Lakers Hire Former
Lakers Hire Former

An Unprecedented Choice: Redick Takes the Helm

This decision by the Lakers is undeniably audacious. Redick, a 39-year-old retiree with a 15-year NBA career built on his elite outside shooting, will step directly from the broadcast booth to lead one of the most storied franchises in basketball history. The Lakers boast 17 NBA championships, a global brand recognition unmatched in sports, and a roster headlined by the league’s all-time leading scorer, LeBron James. The pressure to succeed in this environment is immense.

Redick’s resume before this surprise appointment consisted solely of on-court brilliance. Drafted by the Orlando Magic in 2006, he carved a successful career with six different teams, establishing himself as a lethal weapon from beyond the arc. Following his retirement in September 2021, Redick transitioned seamlessly into broadcasting and podcasting, further demonstrating his sharp basketball IQ and engaging personality.

This gamble by the Lakers comes after a lengthy coaching search. Notably, UConn head coach Danny Hurley recently declined their offer, leaving the position vacant. Despite leading the Lakers to two playoff appearances and a Western Conference Finals run in 2023, Darvin Ham was fired on May 3rd, leaving a void in leadership.

A Chemistry Gamble: Redick and James – A New Era for the Lakers?

One potential positive factor in this unconventional hire is the existing connection between Redick and LeBron James. The duo recently launched a popular podcast, “Mind the Game,” where they delve into basketball tactics, motivations, and insights. This collaborative effort showcased a clear understanding of the game shared by both men, potentially fostering a productive working relationship on the sidelines.

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However, a major question mark remains: Will James re-sign with the Lakers? The possibility of Redick’s coaching debut hinges on James’ decision. Entering his 22nd season, James holds a player option for $51.4 million but could explore free agency. Hiring Redick may be a strategic move by the Lakers to incentivize James to stay, hoping their on-air rapport translates to success on the court.

Redick’s Coaching Pedigree: Can He Translate Theory to Practice?

While Redick lacks professional coaching experience, his basketball knowledge is undeniable. He honed his skills under legendary coach Mike Krzyzewski during his four years at Duke, where he became the program’s all-time leading scorer. His extensive playing career further enriched his understanding of the game, both as a sharpshooter and as a teammate within different team dynamics.

Although unorthodox, Redick’s path isn’t entirely unprecedented. Lakers history offers a parallel in Pat Riley, who transitioned from broadcasting to coaching in 1979. Riley’s success as the Lakers’ head coach and subsequent career as an executive cemented his place as a legend in the game. Similarly, Steve Kerr’s meteoric rise from shooting guard to championship-winning coach with the Golden State Warriors serves as another example of an unorthodox yet effective career path.

Another Chapter in the Lakers’ Coaching Saga

This development marks yet another twist in a restless coaching search under the leadership of Jeanie Buss, Rob Pelinka, and the Lakers’ front office. Redick becomes the eighth head coach since Phil Jackson’s final departure in 2011, and the fourth since LeBron James joined the team in 2018. The previous search in 2022 resulted in Darvin Ham’s appointment, but his tenure proved short-lived after a first-round playoff exit. While Ham produced two winning seasons and an In-Season Tournament victory, concerns regarding his leadership and game preparation led to his dismissal.

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Looking Forward: Can Redick Lead the Lakers Back to Glory?

The gamble on Redick is a bold one. His lack of experience at the professional level is undeniable. However, his basketball intelligence, work ethic, and existing chemistry with LeBron James offer a glimmer of hope. The success of this unorthodox hire rests on several factors: James’ re-signing, Redick’s ability to translate basketball knowledge into effective coaching strategies, and his capacity to manage a team of superstar veterans hungry for another championship ring. Time will tell if JJ Redick can overcome his inexperience and lead the Lakers back to the promised land.