Relieve irritable bowel syndrome with natural remedies


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:41 pm

Those who suffer from it know: irritable bowel syndrome can become really disabling! The discomfort resulting from its symptoms can compromise the quality of life and relationships with others. The stress, to which we are inevitably subjected, whether of work, family, or personal nature, only makes the problem worse, which cyclically presents itself in a more or less acute way.

How to counter it? Is it possible to get better?

First of all, a good differential diagnosis by a specialist is important. In fact, the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome can easily be confused with those of other gastrointestinal diseases. Having ascertained the nature of the problem and clarified that it is precisely irritable bowel, a series of corrections can be made to one’s lifestyle.

gastrointestinal diseases
gastrointestinal diseases

Relieving irritable bowel syndrome with natural remedies is possible, certainly, the first step is to follow a targeted and balanced meal plan. It is essential to implement a net reduction of refined sugars and industrial foods to the advantage of the consumption of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Greenlight to lean proteins then, given by rice, oats, meat, fish. The intake of these foods and fibers, in fact, helps the correct intestinal transit avoiding the fermentation of foods in the intestine. But above all, drink lots of water to purify the body. This prevents annoying abdominal tension.

Also avoid tea, coffee, alcohol, and all exciting drinks that are irritating to the intestines and contribute to increased anxiety and stress.

Changing your lifestyle also means playing sports. Regular sporting activity will help correct intestinal motility but not only will allow you to release stress, the main enemy of the irritable bowel. In fact, it is known that the intestine is affected by our moods and in particular, in this pathology, there can be a large component of a psychosomatic nature.

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How to relieve irritable bowel syndrome with natural remedies

Another valuable help can come from herbs. The extract of Eschscholtzia californica, taken half an hour before meals at least twice a day, perhaps combined with yogurt can prove to be particularly effective.

Other allies against irritable bowel syndrome are flax seeds. As? Pour a tablespoon of seeds into a glass of water and leave them to soak overnight, taking care to cover the glass. The next morning, filter the water and drink it, in this way you will benefit from the properties of the mucilages of which the seeds are rich and which are very useful for improving intestinal transit (therefore excellent in case of constipation) and flaming the mucous membrane.
Even the gramigna, taken as an extract, has a strong decongestant power, has no side effects, and is rich in flavonoids,  mineral saltsand vitamins. It is also very useful in the form of a decoction or herbal tea.  

By adopting a lifestyle that is more in tune with your body, you can improve your health conditions and, why not, feel better about yourself too. After all, it has always been saying men’s Sana in corpore Sano, so why not try it?

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