Riyadh Air Soars into the Future with Personalized Travel Experiences Powered by Adobe


Riyadh Air, Saudi Arabia’s new world-class airline, has announced a strategic technology partnership with Adobe to elevate the travel experience for its guests. This collaboration marks a significant step towards redefining personalized travel journeys, leveraging cutting-edge technology and a commitment to exceptional service.

Shaping the Future of Travel: A Partnership for Personalized Journeys

As a “digital native airline,” Riyadh Air embraces innovation and aims to set new standards for the industry. Through this partnership, they leverage Adobe Experience Cloud, a comprehensive suite of tools designed to create personalized and seamless digital experiences. This partnership signifies both companies’ commitment to:

Elevating the Travel Experience: By harnessing the power of Adobe’s Experience Cloud, Riyadh Air aims to personalize every touchpoint of the travel journey, from trip planning and booking to in-flight experiences and beyond.

Data-Driven Personalization: Through Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP), Riyadh Air will gather and analyze data to understand individual guest preferences and tailor experiences accordingly. This ensures privacy and consent are always respected while creating a truly personalized experience.

Generative AI and Machine Learning: Adobe Sensei GenAI capabilities will enable Riyadh Air to generate personalized communications and marketing materials at scale, ensuring each guest receives relevant and timely information.

Real-time Insights: Adobe Experience Platform empowers Riyadh Air to gain real-time insights into guest behavior and preferences. This allows them to continuously improve the travel experience and cater to the diverse needs of their global audience.

A Seamless Journey, from Planning to Arrival

Riyadh Air’s partnership with Adobe ensures a smooth and personalized travel experience throughout the entire journey:

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Planning and Booking: Guests can expect a user-friendly online platform and mobile app that simplifies trip planning and booking. Personalized recommendations and offers based on individual preferences will guide them toward the perfect travel experience.

In-flight Experience: Riyadh Air leverages Adobe’s technology to deliver personalized in-flight entertainment options and real-time updates on the journey. Travelers can also expect seamless communication with the airline through their preferred channels.

Arrival and Beyond Upon arrival at their destination, guests will continue to receive personalized recommendations and assistance based on their preferences and travel goals.

Taking Flight with Innovation and Sustainability

Beyond personalized experiences, Riyadh Air prioritizes several key aspects:

Global Connectivity: With ambitions to connect Saudi Arabia with over 100 destinations worldwide, the airline supports the National Aviation and Tourism Strategies, aiming to attract millions of visitors to the Kingdom by 2030.

Advanced Fleet: Riyadh Air will operate a modern fleet equipped with the latest technology, ensuring passenger comfort and safety while adhering to the highest global sustainability standards.

Economic Growth: The airline is projected to contribute USD 20 billion to the Kingdom’s non-oil GDP growth and create over 200,000 jobs across the globe.


Q: When will Riyadh Air start flying?

A: Riyadh Air plans to welcome its first passengers in 2025.

Q: What destinations will Riyadh Air fly to?

A: The airline aims to connect Saudi Arabia with over 100 destinations worldwide. Specific destinations haven’t been announced yet.

Q: How will Riyadh Air personalize the travel experience?

A: Through Adobe Experience Cloud, Riyadh Air will leverage data, machine learning, and AI to personalize various aspects of the travel journey, including recommendations, communication, and in-flight experiences.

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Q: How is Riyadh Air committed to sustainability?

A: Riyadh Air adheres to global sustainability standards and operates a modern fleet with fuel-efficient technology.

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