Role-playing anime action movie Lost Epic will be released in early access in the summer


Role-playing anime action movie Lost Epic will be released in early access in the summer

Lost Epic, an anime-themed 2D RPG platformer, will be out in Early Access on Steam this summer, according to publisher oneoreight and development studio Team EarthWars. At the same time, a new trailer dedicated to the features of the game is presented.

 Lost Epic
Lost Epic

Lost Epic is about the war between evil deities and humanity. The player becomes a knight who will challenge supreme beings, become a slayer of the gods and explore the world known as the Sanctum to bring the so-called Pantheon of Six to its knees. The hero can be both a woman and a man, and the player is free to adjust the character’s appearance for himself.

The developers promise fast and challenging battles, huge opportunities for character development, many upgradable weapons, memorable side stories from unique NPCs, a universe full of diverse biomes and wonders. Before you fight the next deity, it is better to prepare well.

New items and weapons can be obtained by destroying enemies or created from collected materials. Gradually developing the hero and acquiring new abilities, you can customize the fighting style for yourself. Curiously, the game will also have the opportunity to do fishing, cooking, and growing vegetables.

The main illustrator is Namie from Australia. Previous work by the author – illustrations for Fate / Grand Order, Azur Lane, and Arknights, and the character design for The farthest Library in the Mirror. Lost Epic has been announced for PC only, and how long the early access period will last has not been announced.

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