Rumors: Days Gone’s Uncharted was supposed to be a spinoff of the main series


Rumors: Days Gone’s Uncharted was supposed to be a spinoff of the main series

In a conversation on the MinnMax Show podcast, Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier expanded on previously announced information about the state of affairs at Bend Studio and its failed endeavors.

Days gone 2
Days went 2

Recall that in his material, Schreier disclosed that Bend Studio could not convince Sony to approve the sequel Days Gone. Still, the studio had an idea for another project – a branch of the Uncharted series.

This new Uncharted was set to be Bend Studio’s next big game. Schreier does not know the details of the project itself since it was still extremely far from release (at least 4-5 years) and, in fact, existed only on paper.

At first, the offshoot was created under Naughty Dog’s supervision (the authors of the series), but gradually the Californian studio took over the initiative. It is not known whether the Bend Studio developments will remain in the new iteration of the project.

As for the actual development of Bend Studio, then, as Schreier said in his article, it was approved only in March of this year. Thus, the project is still in its infancy – it is no more than “a few weeks.

Schreier also mentioned that several Bend Studio employees are still helping Naughty Dog with its multiplayer game (probably multiplayer The Last of Us Part II ). Part of the team was transferred shortly after the failure of Days Gone 2.

The original Days Gone was released in April 2019 on PS4 and will reach PC (Steam, EGS) on May 18, 2021. Earlier it became known that the unrealized sequel could have a common “universe with co-op” for all players ..”

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