Rumors: Starfield will be an Xbox console exclusive and will be released later this year


Rumors: Starfield will be an Xbox console exclusive and will be released later this year

In the latest episode of The Xbox Two podcast, blogger Rand al Thor and Windows Central editor Jez Corden talked about Starfield. The first of them said that Bethesda Softworks and Microsoft are doing their best to release the said game in the holiday period of 2021, that is, at the end of November or in December. The exact date was not announced.


According to Rand al Thor, Starfield was planned to be put on store shelves in 2020 but was prevented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now the developers of the project from Bethesda Game Studios are mainly busy fixing bugs. At the same time, almost nothing is officially known about Starfield, except for the meager technical details about the game’s engine.

Rand al Thor also revealed that Bethesda’s upcoming action RPG is guaranteed to be an Xbox console exclusive. Jez Corden, by the way, talked about this back in September last year.

Separately, the blogger mentioned the Starfield trademark on ZeniMax Media, which includes Bethesda Softworks. The company has a habit of adding this information to its official resource when the release date has already been set.



As a reminder, in March, Microsoft closed the deal to acquire ZeniMax Media. At the same time, the head of the corporation Phil Spencer (Phil Spencer) said that this purchase was made with the sole purpose – to provide exclusive users of Xbox Game Pass. In his own words, the chapter, in fact, confirmed the release of Bethesda games exclusively on the Xbox and PC. As for the Starfield release, Jeff Grubb, a trusted insider and reporter for VentureBeat has previously spoken out. He, too, is confident that the game will be released in 2021.

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