Samsung begins mass production of 5nm chips and prepares to offer 4nm


Last updated on May 2nd, 2023 at 08:12 pm

Samsung begins mass production of 5nm chips and prepares to offer 4nm

Samsung Electronics’ quarterly report was released that week. The company began supplying 5nm mobile processors for its own needs, but next year it expects not only to master 4nm technology but also to attract new customers in the direction of contract manufacturing of semiconductor chips. The range of products manufactured under the contract will also be expanded.


The Korean manufacturer began producing mobile chips using 5LPE technology in the third quarter, while rival TSMC mastered the mass production of 5nm products for its customers in the second quarter. The gap is not very large, but so far we can only judge the supply of Samsung products for the needs of its own division that produces mobile phones. In the future, 5-nm products will be able to order from Samsung and third-party developers.

In the fourth quarter, as Samsung representatives admitted at the reporting event, the company should complete the development of the second generation 5-nm technology, as well as the so-called 4-nm technology. The products of the first generation produced on it will also be used exclusively in the mobile segment.

Samsung Foundry, which produces semiconductor chips for third-party customers, plans to significantly outpace the industry’s average production growth next year. The company expects to attract new large customers, master the production of components for the high-performance computing segment, consumer technology, and network equipment. It cannot be ruled out that not only Qualcomm but also Intel will be among Samsung’s customers in this area. Anyway, one of Intel’s top strategists, Raja Koduri, was invited to the Samsung Foundry profile event last week. So far, Intel representatives openly talk only about cooperation with TSMC, but the demand for the latter’s services allows it to choose customers,

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