Samsung Crystal 4K 2024 Series: A Bright and Colorful Choice for Budget-Minded Viewers


Samsung, a household name in consumer electronics, has unveiled its latest lineup of Crystal 4K TVs in India – the 2024 Series. This series caters to budget-conscious viewers seeking a vibrant and immersive home entertainment experience without breaking the bank. Let’s delve deeper and explore the features, specifications, pricing, and availability of the Samsung Crystal 4K 2024 Series.

Unveiling a Range of Screen Sizes: Find Your Perfect Fit

The Samsung Crystal 4K 2024 Series boasts a diverse range of screen sizes, ensuring you can find the ideal TV for your living space and viewing preferences. The series offers models in 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, and even a colossal 75-inch variant, making it suitable for small apartments, cozy living rooms, or expansive home theaters.

Samsung Crystal 4K 2024 Series
Samsung Crystal 4K 2024 Series

Crystal Clear Visuals: A Feast for the Eyes

While not boasting the cutting-edge OLED technology found in Samsung’s high-end displays, the Crystal 4K 2024 Series utilizes LCD panels with a 60Hz refresh rate. This translates to smooth visuals for watching movies, TV shows, and sporting events. The display features over 1.07 billion colors, producing a wider color gamut for a more lifelike and vibrant picture. Additionally, HDR10+ compatibility enhances contrast levels, delivering deeper blacks and brighter whites for a more immersive viewing experience.

Powering Performance: The Crystal Processor 4K

The brains behind the operation in the Crystal 4K 2024 Series is the Crystal Processor 4K. This powerful processor ensures smooth performance while navigating menus, streaming content, or running apps. The processor leverages advanced upscaling technology to enhance the quality of lower-resolution content, allowing you to enjoy older movies and shows in near 4K quality.

A Smart TV Experience Powered by Tizen OS

The Crystal 4K 2024 Series runs the latest version of Tizen OS, Samsung’s user-friendly smart TV platform. Tizen OS offers a clean and intuitive interface, making it easy to navigate and find your favorite content. The platform boasts a vast app store with popular streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, and YouTube, ensuring endless entertainment options.

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Enhanced Gaming Experience with Auto Game Mode and Motion Xcelerator

Gamers will appreciate the inclusion of Auto Game Mode and Motion Xcelerator. Auto Game Mode automatically detects when you’re connected to a gaming console and optimizes settings for a lag-free and responsive gaming experience. Motion Xcelerator reduces motion blur and judder, ensuring smooth and clear visuals during fast-paced gameplay.

Immersive Sound with Object Tracking Sound Lite (OTS Lite)

The Crystal 4K 2024 Series employs Object Tracking Sound Lite (OTS Lite) technology. While not a full-fledged surround sound system, OTS Lite utilizes virtual audio processing to create a more immersive soundscape. It adjusts the sound based on the movement of objects on the screen, creating a sense of directionality and depth, and enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Voice Assistants at Your Command: Bixby and Alexa Integration

The Crystal 4K 2024 Series integrates seamlessly with popular voice assistants, Bixby and Alexa. With the included remote control, you can use your voice to search for content, control playback, adjust settings, and even control smart home devices connected to your ecosystem.

Free Entertainment with Samsung TV Plus

The Crystal 4K 2024 Series boasts built-in access to Samsung TV Plus, a free streaming service offering over 100 live and on-demand channels. This feature provides a plethora of entertainment options, including news, sports, movies, and shows, all without requiring additional subscriptions.

Eco-Friendly Innovation: The SolarCell Remote

Samsung takes an eco-friendly approach with the Crystal 4K 2024 Series by including a SolarCell Remote. This innovative remote can be charged using sunlight or any indoor light source, eliminating the need for disposable batteries. The remote also features a dedicated button for voice assistants and hotkeys for quick access to frequently used functions.

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Q: What is the difference between the Crystal 4K 2024 Series and Samsung’s high-end QLED or OLED TVs?

A: The Crystal 4K 2024 Series utilizes LCD panels, while Samsung’s QLED and OLED TVs use more advanced display technologies. QLED TVs offer improved brightness and color compared to Crystal 4K TVs, while OLED TVs boast superior contrast with perfect blacks and wider viewing angles. However, these advancements come at a higher price point.

Q: Does the Crystal 4K 2024 Series support next-generation gaming features like HDMI 2.1?

A: There’s no official confirmation regarding HDMI 2.1 support on the Crystal 4K 2024 Series. HDMI 2.1 offers features like Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), which are beneficial for gaming. If you prioritize these features for next-generation consoles, you might want to consider a TV with confirmed HDMI 2.1 support.

Q: Does the Crystal 4K 2024 Series have built-in speakers?

A: Yes, the Crystal 4K 2024 Series comes with built-in speakers. However, for an immersive home theater experience, a dedicated soundbar or surround sound system is recommended.

Q: Where can I find reviews of the Samsung Crystal 4K 2024 Series?

A: As the series is quite new, in-depth reviews might not be readily available yet. However, you can check for user reviews on online retailers like Amazon and Flipkart in the coming weeks. Additionally, tech websites and publications will likely publish reviews of the Crystal 4K 2024 Series soon.

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