Samsung Galaxy Users Rejoice! Live Translation Coming to WhatsApp Calls with Galaxy AI


Calling all language enthusiasts and globetrotters! Samsung’s innovative Galaxy AI suite might soon revolutionize communication through WhatsApp calls. According to reliable sources, Galaxy smartphones could gain the remarkable ability to translate conversations in real time, fostering seamless communication across language barriers. This exciting development promises to break down communication silos and empower users to connect with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Samsung Galaxy Users
Samsung Galaxy Users

Breaking Down Language Barriers: Live Translation Arrives on WhatsApp Calls

A recent tip from the renowned tech insider Ice Universe suggests that Samsung AI is gearing up to integrate its Live Translate feature into WhatsApp calls. This groundbreaking functionality is expected to arrive via the upcoming One UI 6.1.1 update, potentially rolling out to a select range of compatible Galaxy devices. This news comes on the heels of Samsung’s earlier confirmation regarding third-party app support for its Galaxy AI features, hinting at a broader vision for seamless AI integration across the mobile ecosystem.

Unveiling at Galaxy Unpacked?

The official announcement of this highly anticipated feature could take place at the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event scheduled for July 10th in Paris. This event is also rumored to witness the unveiling of the One UI 6.1.1 update, alongside the much-awaited launch of the next generation of foldable marvels – the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6. Interestingly, a leaked marketing image hinting at Galaxy AI integration within these new foldables surfaced online in June, further fueling speculations about Samsung’s commitment to AI-powered innovation.

Privacy-Focused On-Device Processing: Keeping Your Conversations Secure

The brilliance of Samsung’s Live Translate feature lies in its on-device processing capabilities. This means your conversations and translation data are processed directly on your Galaxy smartphone, eliminating the need for transmission to external servers. This approach effectively addresses privacy concerns, ensuring your conversations remain confidential and secure. While Samsung hasn’t explicitly revealed the complete list of third-party apps that will benefit from this integration, popular choices like Telegram and Google Maps are strong contenders.

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Benefits and Potential Applications of Live Translation

The Live Translate feature has garnered significant praise for its user-friendliness. It empowers Galaxy users to enjoy hands-free translation during phone calls and text messages, eliminating the need to switch between apps or juggle multiple devices. The feature currently supports translation across 13 languages and offers a standalone interpreter tool for real-time audio translations. This functionality can prove invaluable for business meetings, international travel, connecting with friends and family abroad, or simply navigating language barriers in everyday life.

Unveiling the Details: Questions and What to Expect

The exact implementation details for WhatsApp and other compatible third-party apps remain shrouded in a bit of mystery. Since Samsung phones already boast integrated live translation capabilities for calls and texts, the new feature will likely extend this functionality to encompass both audio and text-based communication within WhatsApp.

The upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event is poised to shed more light on the official launch timeline for this innovative feature. We can also expect details regarding the specific list of third-party apps that will be integrated with Galaxy AI’s Live Translate capabilities. This event promises to be a landmark occasion for Samsung, showcasing its commitment to pushing the boundaries of mobile communication through the power of artificial intelligence.


Q: When will Live Translation be available for WhatsApp calls on Samsung Galaxy phones?

A: The official launch date remains unconfirmed; however, speculations suggest an announcement could be made during the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event on July 10th. The feature might be rolled out with the One UI 6.1.1 update for compatible Galaxy devices.

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Q: How will Live Translation work in WhatsApp calls?

A: Specific details are yet to be revealed, but Samsung will likely integrate its existing Live Translate functionality into WhatsApp. This could enable real-time translation during both voice and text-based communication within the app.

Q: Is Live Translation secure?

A: Yes, Samsung’s Live Translate leverages on-device processing, meaning your conversations and translation data are processed directly on your phone and not transmitted to external servers. This approach enhances user privacy and security.

Q: Does Live Translation work for all languages?

A: Samsung’s Live Translate currently supports 13 languages.

Q: Which other apps might benefit from Live Translation integration?

A: While Samsung hasn’t confirmed the complete list, popular options like Telegram and Google Maps are potential contenders.