Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 and Flip6 can get a new important advantage.


Water protection already implemented

Folding smartphones Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and Flip are protected from water, which is not typical for all folding devices. The next generation of such Samsung models may also receive full dust protection. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 and Flip6
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 and Flip6

At today’s press conference, the head of Samsung’s mobile division said that the company is now working on implementing dust protection on its foldable smartphones. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 and Flip6 can get a new important advantage.

We are well aware of the consumer demand for dust protection, and we make various efforts to achieve this, but due to the nature of folding structures, there are many moving parts, so the implementation of dust protection is difficult. 

Of course, it’s not a fact that Samsung will be able to implement it by the release of the Fold6 and Flip6 models, but the company has a whole year ahead.  

At the same time, there are already examples on the market. New generation Motorola Razr models offer IP52 rating. Yes, this means no water protection, but dust protection is available. 

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