Samsung has invented a foldable smartphone with an edge display


Samsung has invented a foldable smartphone with an edge display

The South Korean company Samsung continues to patent various design options for smartphones with flexible displays: a description of the next such device appeared in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).


The published document has the laconic name “Foldable display.” We are talking about a device with a flexible screen in the front part. The device can be folded in the middle, with the display inside, which protects it from damage during everyday wear.

The smartphone’s main feature is that the screen flows down to the “end” of the body. When the machine is folded, these sections are next to each other, forming a field for displaying information.

The end display can show various notifications, incoming text messages, the current time, battery level, and other useful information.

Alas, while the original device exists only on paper. Whether Samsung plans to implement the patented solution is not clear. 



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