Samsung has unveiled the features of smart watches Galaxy Watch 3


Gesture control, drop detection like Apple Watch, and more

Samsung has released the official Galaxy Watch 3 Plugin app for the yet to be announced Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatch.

Galaxy Watch 3
Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung has unveiled the features of smartwatches Galaxy Watch 3

This happened almost immediately after the release of a similar companion application Galaxy Buds Live Plugin in the App Store and Google Play for the Galaxy Buds Live headphones, also not yet officially presented.

Enthusiasts of the community of mobile developers XDA Developers, traditionally, were not too lazy to get into the application code and find a number of interesting details about the upcoming new product.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 will support gesture control. For example, clenching and unclenching your fist can answer an incoming call. To reject a call, just shake your hand. 

The process of taking screenshots has been simplified. Now it will be enough to simultaneously hold down both side buttons. Another not unimportant innovation is the drop detection function, similar to the Apple Watch. If the user falls, the watch will ring for 60 seconds and if the user does not respond, then the location and 5-second audio recording will be sent to the pre-selected contacts. There is also a setting for making an emergency call in case of a fall. 

In addition, a variety of watch faces have been revealed that will be available for the Galaxy Watch 3 by default. Some of them include pieces of Samsung Galaxy Note20 wallpaper

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