Samsung is sued over defective rear camera glass on Galaxy S20


Samsung is sued over defective rear camera glass on Galaxy S20

Samsung introduced the Galaxy S20 smartphones at the beginning of last year, and by now, they have already been replaced by the Galaxy S21 series devices. It became known that the owners of the flagship Galaxy S20 filed a class-action lawsuit against Samsung, accusing the manufacturer of deliberately selling defective smartphones. In their opinion, all devices in the Galaxy S20 series were equipped with defective rear camera glass, which can spontaneously crack and burst.


The claim states that the glass on the Galaxy S20, which protects the rear camera from mechanical damage, can spontaneously crack and even burst. Users claim that such a problem can occur even if the smartphone is in a protective case and is not exposed to it.

Galaxy S20 owners rightly believe that such a defect is unacceptable for a device whose cost is in the region of $ 1000-1500. It’s worth noting that Samsung refuses to repair the cracked rear camera glass under warranty. Users have to pay about $ 400 for repairs, and for those who have taken out additional insurance, the cost of repairs is $ 100.

“ In a period of social distancing and wider use of online access, consumers are especially in need of reliable mobile devices, but Samsung has not been able to deliver the reliability it promised its customers, ” said lawyer Steve Berman, who represents in court. Plaintiffs.

The class-action lawsuit covers all models of Galaxy S20 smartphones and is currently open to new claimants. However, this can only be done by users of Samsung devices from the United States since the lawsuit has been filed in an American court.

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