Samsung One UI 3.0 still loses to One UI 2.5. Side-by-side comparison


Apps open more slowly in One UI 3.0 and animations appear more jagged

A well-known network informant under the nickname Ice Universe, who often shares exclusive information about new products in the mobile industry, confirmed that the beta version of One UI 3.0 turned out to be noticeably worse than One UI 2.5 terms of smoothness.

Samsung One UI 3.0
Samsung One UI 3.0

Samsung One UI 3.0 still loses to One UI 2.5. Side-by-side comparison

He also confirmed that apps in One UI 3.0 open slower, with more jagged animations. And some applications do not respond correctly to pressing, which is clearly displayed in the next video, where One UI 3.0 and One UI 2.5 are compared.

He also reached out to Samsung on Twitter, expressing the company’s smartphone owners’ general hope that the problem will soon be fixed.

It is worth listening to this insider’s words, as he has provided reliable information about new products many times. He was the first to accurately predict the appearance of smartphones with waterfall screens on the market. Also, He predicted the announcement of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha with a wraparound screen. Also, this person has repeatedly proved that he has connections in various companies and leaked information about the design of smartphones and new image sensors and other equipment.



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