Yandex also launched its analogue “Avito”


Yandex.Ads do not limit the number of ads placed

Yandex announced the launch of a new service – Yandex.Ads. In fact, it becomes a competitor to Avito and many other well-known services to users. 


Yandex also launched its analog “Avito.”

It is interesting that today VKontakte, together with Yula, launched a similar service based on the social network – the “Announcements” section. 

At the moment, Yandex. Ads do not provide any restrictions on the number of ads placed. You can add personal notes to ads that you find interesting, for example, “Salesperson is ready to meet at the weekend.” Other users will not see the note; it is available only to its author.

As the developers promise, Yandex. Ads allow you to buy, sell, exchange, or give away almost anything. The service uses knowledge about goods accumulated by Yandex.Market. Many parameters can carry out the search: for example, choose a smartphone with two SIM cards or a set of tools with pliers and a ratchet. In the future, the parameters can be specified directly in the search bar – say, “7-speed bike with the planetary hub.”

Sellers and buyers have an “activity indicator.” It is calculated automatically. The longer a person uses Yandex, the more actively he interacts with various services, the higher the indicator. New accounts do not have an activity indicator icon.

Sellers do not need to provide a phone number. You can communicate with the buyer in the messenger, which is available to everyone who uses Yandex search. In the future, the messenger will check the links exchanged between the buyer and the seller and warn about suspicious activities.

Yandex. Ads are available at and in the Yandex. Separate apps for iOS and Android will be released in the coming days. 



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