Samsung teaches Galaxy S22 smartphones to shoot video in 8K at 60 fps, but so far there are problems with overheating


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:48 pm

Do you need such a shooting mode now?

Samsung smartphones of the Galaxy S21 line have just come out, and the web has already started talking about the next generation. More precisely, not so much about smartphones as about their platform. 

Galaxy S22
Galaxy S22

Samsung teaches Galaxy S22 smartphones to shoot video in 8K at 60 fps, but there are problems with overheating so far.

It is completely unclear what it will be, but the source says that Samsung is already testing it in shooting video in 8K mode at 60 fps. True, while such a video, a smartphone can shoot only 5 minutes, after which it overheats too much. The source adds that unless Samsung fixes the overheating problem, it will only appear on the Galaxy S23

Thus, the 8K60fps mode may well appear on the Korean giant’s new flagships at the end of this year or early next, since Samsung still has enough time. Also, there were many serial smartphones on the market that overheated when shooting video in conventional formats. 

Currently, the Galaxy S21 lineup offers 8K video at 24fps, but many will probably prefer 4K at 60fps, both due to the smoothness of the picture and the lack of 8K TVs. But next year, the issue of 8K video will be more acute, so Samsung may try to solve all the problems.  


As for the source, the Mauri QHD insider has not yet distinguished itself with a large number of confirmed leaks, but, for example, back in the summer, he said that a much larger in-screen fingerprint scanner could appear in the new Samsung flagships.  

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