Samsung will turn all its Galaxy smartphones into gaming devices.


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Samsung is expanding its presence in the video game market. The company will reportedly launch its own cloud gaming platform this month.

Galaxy smartphones
Galaxy smartphones

The platform will be available exclusively for Galaxy smartphones. At the same time, given that the games will be launched from the cloud, the performance of the device for the operation of the service is conditionally irrelevant.

Samsung will turn all its Galaxy smartphones into gaming devices.

The announcement of the platform is expected on October 5 at a conference in San Francisco. Considering that this is cloud gaming, where the distance of the server from the player is important, this service will probably not be available in all markets.

What’s important is that the service will be free for users, although it is not yet clear what games will be available on this service.

Let us remind you that the Gaming Hub gaming service has been available on Samsung TVs for about a year, but it works differently: in it, gamers can access third-party platforms, including GeForce Now and Amazon Luna.

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