Scandalous Recruitment Practices in a Polish Game Studio: Sauna Visits with Striptease


The video game industry is no stranger to controversy, but a recent revelation from a prominent developer has sparked outrage within the community. Adrian Chmielarz, head of The Astronauts studio (creators of the looter shooter Witchfire), took to social media to expose a shocking recruitment practice at an unnamed Polish game development studio.

Polish game studio
Polish game studio

A Galling Encounter: Naked Saunas as a Hiring Ritual?

According to Chmielarz’s Facebook post*, a young woman seeking a game development position was asked by a recruiter to visit a sauna – naked – as part of the interview process. This outrageous request left Chmielarz, a seasoned veteran in the industry, astounded:

The alleged recruiter justified this bizarre requirement by claiming that job candidates needed to “understand different types of saunas.” Furthermore, he mentioned having “narrator girls” accompany him to these saunas, presumably to experience them firsthand and incorporate their experiences into compelling game narratives.

Chmielarz rightfully challenged this illogical logic. Great storytelling, he argued, doesn’t hinge on personal experience. He offered the example of Steven Spielberg, who directed Schindler’s List without ever personally witnessing the horrors of the Holocaust during World War II.

Beyond Fetishes – A Question of Ethics and Exploitation

Chmielarz further criticized the recruiter’s apparent attempt to normalize a personal fetish as a recruitment tactic. He urged his colleagues to speak out against such practices and advocate for professional and ethical hiring standards within the gaming industry.

Adding fuel to the fire, reports suggest that the job description for the position explicitly mentioned sauna visits as a mandatory requirement. This raises serious concerns about exploitation and the potential for a hostile work environment.

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A Call for Change: Building a Fair and Ethical Gaming Industry

Chmielarz’s post has ignited a firestorm of debate online. Gamers and industry professionals alike have condemned these unethical recruitment practices. This incident highlights the need for a deeper conversation regarding fair hiring standards and appropriate workplace conduct within the gaming industry.

As the story continues to unfold, the following questions remain:

  • What action will be taken against the studio involved in this incident?
  • Will this incident lead to changes in how game development companies recruit and hire employees?
  • What can be done to ensure a safe and professional work environment for everyone in the gaming industry?

This incident serves as a stark reminder that the gaming industry has a long way to go when it comes to building a truly inclusive and equitable work environment.


Q: What happened at the Polish game studio?

A: A young woman applying for a job was allegedly asked to visit a sauna naked as part of the interview process.

Q: Why was this requested?

A: The recruiter claimed candidates needed to understand different types of saunas and create compelling game narratives.

Q: How is this unethical?

A: This request is unprofessional, discriminatory, and potentially exploitative. Great storytelling doesn’t require such invasive experiences.