Shifting Gears: February 2024 Sees Maruti Suzuki Retain Top Spot, Tata Motors Climbs Ranks in Indian Car Sales


The Indian car market continues to be a dynamic landscape, with established players and rising stars vying for consumer attention. February 2024 witnessed some interesting shifts in brand rankings, offering valuable insights for car buyers and industry analysts alike. Let’s delve into the details of the sales performance of major car brands in India during this period.

Maruti Suzuki: Maintaining Market Dominance

Maruti Suzuki, a household name in India, retained its position as the best-selling car brand for February 2024. The automaker managed to retail over 1.60 lakh units, a testament to its strong brand recognition and widespread dealer network. While experiencing a slight decline of nearly 4% in month-on-month (MoM) sales compared to January 2024, Maruti Suzuki still boasts a commendable year-on-year (YoY) growth of approximately 9%. This consistent performance highlights the brand’s ability to cater to the diverse needs of Indian car buyers.

Tata Motors: Climbing the Ladder with Impressive YoY Growth

Tata Motors, a major player in the Indian automotive industry, made significant strides in February 2024. The brand secured the second spot in terms of sales, surpassing Hyundai for the fourth time. Tata Motors successfully retailed over 51,000 units, demonstrating a strong market presence. Notably, the brand achieved a remarkable YoY growth of nearly 20%, showcasing its increasing popularity and success in capturing a larger market share. This growth can be attributed to factors like the introduction of new models with modern features and a focus on design language that resonates with contemporary car buyers.

Hyundai: Facing a MoM Sales Dip but Maintaining Strength

Hyundai, a South Korean car manufacturer with a well-established presence in India, witnessed a decline in MoM sales for February 2024. Compared to January 2024, Hyundai’s sales dipped by over 12%. Despite this decrease, the brand still managed to cross the significant milestone of selling over 50,000 units, solidifying its position as a major player in the Indian car market. While YoY growth remained modest at around 7%, Hyundai continues to be a strong contender with a loyal customer base.

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Mahindra: Enduring SUV Popularity and YoY Growth Surge

Mahindra, a renowned Indian car manufacturer specializing in SUVs, displayed consistent performance in February 2024. Although MoM sales experienced a slight decline of 1.5%, the brand still managed to sell over 42,000 SUVs, showcasing the enduring popularity of these rugged vehicles in the Indian market. More importantly, Mahindra achieved a significant YoY growth of over 40%, highlighting its success in capitalizing on the growing demand for SUVs across various segments.

Shifting Landscape: Other Notable Mentions

The February 2024 sales figures reveal an evolving landscape in the Indian car market. While the top four brands maintained their dominance, other noteworthy trends emerged:

Toyota’s Rise: Toyota managed to climb to the fifth position in the sales table, surpassing Kia. The brand sold over 23,000 units last month, with a YoY growth of nearly 53%, the highest among the top contenders.

Kia’s Sales Dip: Kia faced a decline in MoM sales of over 15% in February 2024. While the brand still retailed over 20,000 cars, it also encountered a YoY sales decrease of nearly 18%.

Mixed Performance for Honda, MG, and Renault: Honda, MG, and Renault exhibited mixed performances in February 2024. Honda and Renault experienced MoM sales declines, while MG saw a slight increase. YoY growth figures varied for these brands as well.

Understanding the Data: A Look at Potential Factors

Several factors might influence the MoM and YoY sales trends observed in February 2024:

New Model Launches: The launch of new and updated models by car brands can significantly impact sales figures. Fresh offerings can attract new customers and generate excitement, potentially leading to increased sales.

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Market Demand and Consumer Preferences: Shifting consumer preferences and evolving market demand for specific car segments (SUVs, hatchbacks, sedans) can influence sales performance.

Economic Conditions and Interest Rates: Economic conditions and the prevailing interest rate environment can impact consumer purchasing power and willingness to invest in new vehicles.

Supply Chain Challenges: The ongoing global supply chain disruptions might be limiting car manufacturers’ production capacities, potentially affecting sales figures in some cases.


Q: Which car brand was the best-selling in India for February 2024?

A: Maruti Suzuki remained the best-selling car brand in India for February 2024.

Q: How did Tata Motors perform in February 2024 sales?

A: Tata Motors secured the second spot in February 2024 sales, surpassing Hyundai and achieving a YoY growth of nearly 20%.

Q: What factors might be influencing MoM and YoY sales trends?

A: Factors like new model launches, market demand, economic conditions, interest rates, and supply chain challenges can all play a role in MoM and YoY sales variations.

Q: What are some tips for car buyers in the Indian market?

A: Thorough research, considering MoM and YoY trends, and prioritizing individual needs are crucial for making an informed car buying decision.

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