Showcasing Quito’s Tourism Offer in the UK: A Spotlight on LATA Expo 2024


Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, famously known as the “Centre of the World,” is gearing up to showcase its rich tourism offerings at LATA Expo 2024. This prestigious event will be held from June 24 to 26, providing a unique platform for Quito Turismo and other leading operators from Latin America to engage with key representatives from the UK and European tourism industries.

Showcasing Quito’s Tourism Offer
Showcasing Quito’s Tourism Offer

LATA Expo 2024: A Gateway to European Markets

Event Overview

LATA Expo 2024 will take place on the outskirts of Windsor, Berkshire, in the historic English borough. Organized by the Latin America Travel Association (LATA), this event serves as a crucial networking hub for Latin American travel operators based in London. It aims to foster business opportunities and promote new Latin American experiences, destinations, and products to European markets.

Quito Turismo’s Participation

Quito Turismo, along with other prominent tourism operators from Latin America, will leverage this event to network with UK and European buying delegates, media representatives, tour operators, hotels, wholesalers, airlines, and other sector stakeholders. The goal is to enhance existing offers and explore mutual business opportunities.

The Importance of the UK Market for Quito

A Key Source Market

The UK ranks among the top 10 source markets for tourists visiting Ecuador. While most tourists come from the Americas, including the US and Canada, Europe represents a significant untapped market. Quito’s tourism strategy aims to attract more European visitors by highlighting the city’s unique attractions.

Promoting Quito’s Unique Attractions

At the LATA Expo, Quito Turismo will present a comprehensive showcase of the city’s offerings, including its rich culture, diverse gastronomy, historical landmarks, and adventure tourism opportunities. This presentation aims to position Quito as a premier travel destination for European tourists.

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Networking and Business Opportunities

Exclusive Selection of Operators

LATA Expo 2024 will feature operators selected exclusively by LATA, ensuring a high-quality networking environment. Throughout the three-day event, these operators will engage in a series of business meetings designed to strengthen commercial links between Latin America and European markets.

Forums and Interactive Sessions

In addition to business meetings, the event will include several forums where exhibitors can interact and network with leading industry operators. These forums provide an opportunity for participants to discuss trends, share insights, and explore collaboration opportunities.

The Significance of LATA Expo

A Platform for Growth

LATA Expo is a pivotal event for Latin American tourism operators looking to expand their reach into European markets. By participating in this expo, Quito Turismo aims to increase the visibility of Quito’s tourism offerings and attract more European tourists to the city.

Enhancing Tourism Strategies

Through interactions at the LATA Expo, Quito Turismo can gather valuable feedback and insights to refine its tourism strategies. Understanding the preferences and expectations of European tourists will enable Quito to tailor its offerings more effectively and enhance the overall visitor experience.