Sony to release MLB the Show 21 on Xbox Game Pass


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 03:14 pm

Sony to release MLB the Show 21 on Xbox Game Pass

Sony Interactive Entertainment will release the first PlayStation Studios game on Xbox consoles – MLB The Show 21 sports simulator. As it was recently announced, it will be included in the Xbox Game Pass catalog on its first day of sale.

mlb the show 2021
MLB the show 2021

The baseball simulator, which also launches on PlayStation consoles (but at full price), will be free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers when it launches on April 20 on Xbox Series X and S Xbox One.

The MLB: The Show series of baseball games began in 2006 and has always been exclusive to PlayStation consoles. Sony Interactive Entertainment in San Diego developed the final installment. That MLB: The Show will first release on other console platforms was announced in December 2019 as part of Sony’s multi-year extension to its licensed game release agreement.

The addition of The Show 21 to the Game Pass is probably the most influenced by the MLB league itself. The move is significant due to comments from Sony Interactive Entertainment about new game subscriptions. In an interview with GamesIndustry last September, SIE President Jim Ryan stated that this distribution model is unacceptable for PlayStation Studios, as its game budgets often exceed $ 100 million. …

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