Spotify Android Downloads Doubles In Two Years To Over 1 Billion


Spotify Android Downloads Doubles In Two Years To Over 1 Billion

It became known that the number of downloads of the popular music service Spotify for Android devices from the Play Store has exceeded 1 billion downloads. After Google’s own audio app was no longer active, the Spotify client became the most downloaded product in this category on the platform.


It’s worth noting that Spotify had 500 million downloads from the Play Store just two years ago. This means that it took the popular music service two years to double the number of downloads on the Google platform.

Spotify is currently actively working on expanding its service offerings and growing its user base. The platform is working hard to develop its own podcast service and is also working on creating tools that allow you to organize voice chats, similar to what happens in the Clubhouse.

According to Spotify forecasts, the number of monthly active users in the second quarter will increase to 366-373 million people, and the number of paid subscribers – up to 162-166 million people. As for plans for the whole of 2021, during this period, the service intends to expand the user base to 402-422 million people and the number of paid subscribers to 172-184 million people. The service expects to receive € 9.11-9.51 billion in 2021, while operating expenses will amount to € 150-250 million.

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