Square Enix denies third-party acquisition rumors


Square Enix denies third-party acquisition rumors

The Japanese division of Bloomberg, citing its sources, said that Square Enix is ​​considered for acquisition by several firms. However, the publisher issued an official rebuttal.

Square Enix Games
Square Enix Games

Although the Bloomberg story does not mention the parties involved, rumors point to the two largest holders of console platforms, Microsoft and Sony. Xbox CEO Phil Spencer has previously expressed interest in attracting additional Japanese talent. And in the case of Sony, there is a long-standing relationship with the publisher: many past projects have been released exclusively on PlayStation consoles.

However, in a statement, Square Enix confirmed that the Bloomberg message is groundless. The company has not received any offers from a third party to acquire the firm or any of its subsidiaries. The publisher assures that “is not considering the possibility of selling the corporation or any part of its business

In the second half of the fiscal year, Square Enix’s revenue grew 43% over the same period in 2020. Moreover, over this time period, more than 12 million copies of new games were shipped. Profit also rose 46.3% in the first half.

Potential M&A activity also boosted Square Enix’s stock up 1.3%.

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