Steve Harvey Clears the Air on Divorce Rumors and Affair Claims


Last updated on August 30th, 2023 at 03:04 pm

Steve Harvey Clears the Air on Divorce Rumors and Affair Claims

Steve Harvey, the renowned game show host, has addressed and debunked recent rumors of his impending divorce due to alleged cheating by his wife, Marjorie Harvey. Speaking at Invest Fest 2023, Steve Harvey candidly shared his thoughts on the matter, asserting that he and Marjorie are doing well despite the baseless claims. This article delves into Harvey’s response, Marjorie’s perspective, and their enduring relationship amidst media speculations.

Harvey’s Strong Rebuttal: Setting the record straight, Steve Harvey seized the opportunity during Invest Fest 2023 to address the swirling rumors. He expressed his contentment with the status of his relationship, emphasizing that both he and Marjorie are “fine.” Straightforwardly, Harvey dismissed the unsubstantiated claims and urged detractors to focus on more productive matters.

Remaining Unfazed Amidst Gossip: Acknowledging that responding to rumors can be tempting, Harvey maintained his poise by refraining from engaging in gossip. Despite the urge to retort, Harvey articulated his lack of interest in baseless speculations and expressed his gratitude for the blessings in his life.

Marjorie’s Response to Accusations: Marjorie Harvey, too, has responded to the allegations with grace and resilience. In an Instagram post, she shared her approach to dealing with falsehoods and adversity. Marjorie highlighted the importance of not succumbing to negativity and cited a Bible verse about refraining from retaliation. Her post exhibited her strength in the face of unwarranted rumors.

Steve Harvey shuts down claim his wife cheated on him

Steve Harvey shuts down claim his wife cheated on him
Steve Harvey shuts down claim his wife cheated on him

A Blended Family’s Resilience: Steve and Marjorie Harvey’s relationship has stood the test of time, reinforced by their unwavering bond since their marriage in 2007. Their blended family, comprising seven children, stands as a testament to their love and commitment. Their ability to navigate challenges together showcases the depth of their relationship.

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Addressing the Source: The rumors took flight after YouTuber Keem made claims about Marjorie’s alleged extramarital affairs with Harvey’s security guard and the couple’s chef. These claims were quickly debunked by Steve Harvey’s candid remarks and Marjorie’s dignified response.


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A Message of Strength and Resilience: In her Instagram post, Marjorie underscored the responsibility that comes with her platform, expressing her commitment to supporting those who might struggle with adversity. Her message, coupled with Steve Harvey’s bold statement, serves as a reminder of the strength and unity that defines their relationship.

A Unified Front Against Rumors: Steve Harvey’s response to divorce rumors and Marjorie’s dignified handling of accusations exemplify their shared commitment to each other and their family. By addressing the rumors head-on and maintaining a united front, the couple has once again proven their resilience in the face of challenges. Their enduring love story serves as an inspiration to weather storms with grace and dignity.

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