Stranger Things Star Joe Keery Earns Early Praise from Taylor Swift for Hit Song “End of Beginning”


Calling all music and Stranger Things fans! In a recent turn of events, Joe Keery, the actor beloved for his portrayal of Steve Harrington in the hit Netflix series, revealed an incredible anecdote involving pop superstar Taylor Swift. During an appearance on The Spout Podcast, Keery shared how Swift offered her “early stamp of approval” for his breakout song, “End of Beginning.” This unexpected encounter not only highlights Keery’s burgeoning music career but also sheds light on Swift’s genuine passion for discovering new music.

Joe Keery Earns
Joe Keery Earns

A Chance Encounter at Electric Lady Studios: The Seeds of Approval are Sown

The story unfolds at New York City’s famed Electric Lady recording studio. Keery, pursuing his musical aspirations under the moniker Djo, found himself coincidentally sharing the space with the iconic Taylor Swift. This chance encounter sparked a conversation that would leave Keery pleasantly surprised. As Keery recounted on the podcast, Swift approached him and expressed her genuine appreciation for his song “End of Beginning,” even before its official release.

“What? You Heard That Song?” – Keery’s Reaction to Swift’s Praise

Keery’s initial response to Swift’s comment was one of disbelief. He couldn’t quite grasp how the acclaimed pop artist had stumbled upon his music. However, Keery quickly recognized Swift’s genuine love and curiosity for new musical discoveries. He acknowledged that her status as a “big fan of music” who actively seeks out fresh sounds made this encounter less surprising.

More Than Just a Superstar: Taylor Swift’s Passion for Music Shines Through

Keery’s experience highlights a lesser-known side of Taylor Swift: a dedicated music enthusiast who keeps her ears open for emerging talent. This anecdote paints a picture of Swift as someone who actively seeks out new music and takes the time to appreciate rising artists. Her genuine praise for Keery’s work speaks volumes about her character and her deep appreciation for the art of music itself.

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Beyond Music: Keery Focuses on the Final Season of Stranger Things

While basking in the afterglow of Swift’s endorsement, Keery remains committed to his role in Stranger Things. Currently, deep in filming for the show’s final season, Keery portrays the fan-favorite Steve Harrington. The cast and crew began production back in January 2024, with several months of filming still ahead.

Tight-Lipped on Plot Details, Keery Promises “Insanity” for Fans

Despite his excitement for the upcoming season, Keery remained tight-lipped regarding plot details. However, he did manage to tease fans with promises of “insanity” that would surely “scratch the itch.” This cryptic message serves to further fuel anticipation for the final chapter of the beloved Netflix series.

Maintaining High Spirits Despite the Impending End

While acknowledging the bittersweet nature of the final season, Keery maintains a positive outlook. He highlights the positive work environment and the cast’s dedication to delivering a satisfying conclusion for fans. He emphasizes their efforts to “serve these scripts” and “do our best job” in bringing the Duffer Brothers’ vision to life.

A Look Back at Season 4’s Cliffhanger and the Unknown Future

Season 4 of Stranger Things left viewers on a jaw-dropping cliffhanger. The villainous Vecna successfully tore Hawkins apart, creating a chilling visual that serves as the starting point for the final season. However, the exact timeframe of the season’s events remains under wraps. In a 2022 interview, series co-creator Ross Duffer hinted at a potential time jump between seasons 4 and 5. This decision allows the writers and producers more creative freedom to explore the narrative’s future.

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A Multifaceted Talent and a Serendipitous Encounter

Joe Keery’s experience with Taylor Swift serves as a testament to both his musical potential and Swift’s dedication to discovering new artists. While Keery continues to shine on screen as Steve Harrington in Stranger Things, his musical journey under the name Djo is taking off with a promising start. This encounter, fueled by a shared love for music, highlights the power of unexpected connections and the importance of recognizing genuine talent.