Switching between driving modes of Tesla electric vehicles on the monitor complies with safety standards

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Last updated on July 25th, 2023 at 05:04 pm

Switching between driving modes of Tesla electric vehicles on the monitor complies with safety standards

Tesla’s decision to remove the previously located gear or mode selector on the steering wheel, through which reverse and neutral gears and drive mode were selected, does not violate NHTSA regulations.  One of the representatives of the American government department told about this resource, The Verge.

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Equipping the updated Tesla Model S and Model X with a digital drive mode switch has caused a lively controversy on the Web, especially since Tesla has not shown control through the touchscreen until now. In one of the last interviews with Elon Musk, this innovation was called “crazy,” and Musk replied that he tested automatic switching and liked it. Later, Musk also noted that the touchscreen solution is only a fallback, and the main one is automation. The car will independently understand what the owner requires of it.

Soon a video appeared on Twitter in which one of the owners of the updated Tesla Model S electric car demonstrated the operation of the digital gearbox selector. Instead of on-screen buttons, one for each mode, the user is asked to press and pull on a small typewriter-shaped icon from the screen’s left edge. If you pull up, the car will go forward and down – the reverse gear will be engaged. The neutral transmission is hidden in the back of the menu. In this case, the choice of the parking mode is not shown in the video.

According to NHTSA, Tesla does not violate any safety standards for cars with its unorthodox approach to implementing the PRND system, and therefore “at the moment,” the regulator has no questions about this technology.

“NHTS is aware of the ability to switch driving modes using touch screens, which has been developed for Tesla Model S electric vehicles and other models. Properly configured touch-assisted transmission shift control does not violate any federal safety standards for driving. Tesla technology has passed safety certification. There are currently no known cases that indicate a violation of the drive configuration control configuration, ”an NHTS spokesman commented in a letter to The Verge.

The phrase “at the moment” suggests that updated versions of the Tesla Model S and Model X electric vehicles with digital transmission switch have just begun to arrive in early adopters. In the event of any problems with this management system, NHTSA is ready to take appropriate action. The agency encourages all owners of updated Tesla to report any security issues through a 24-hour hotline.

US law requires all vehicles sold in the US to meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. This is a list of regulations for automotive components and systems that affect motor vehicles’ safety, which contains requirements for the design, manufacture, function, and durability of products.

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