integrated graphics

iGPU Radeon 780M

Frame generation in FSR 3 on iGPU Radeon 780M.


Productivity approximately doubles FSR 3 technology has entered the market, and formally it is only supported by video cards from ...

what is an apu

APU:Behind Your Device’s Performance


The Enigma: The Multifaceted Nature of Apus Apus, a term used in various cultures across the world, refers to spiritual ...

ryzen 7 5700u

Ryzen 7 5700U: Next-Gen Power in a Compact Package


The Power of Ryzen 7 5700U: A Game-Changing Processor for Next-Level Performance Ryzen processors have revolutionized the tech industry with ...


The Power of i3-1215U


The Power of i3-1215u: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Utilizing its Potential The i3-1215u processor is a significant component ...

Intel CPU

The results of the new Intel CPU have appeared in PassMark


In single-threaded mode, the Core i9-14900KF beat everyone The Core i9-14900KF processor appeared in the PassMark benchmark database and immediately ...

i5 6500t

Power of i5 6500t: An In-depth Review of Intel’s Efficient Processor


i5 6500t: Intel’s Processor The i5 6500t processor is a powerful and highly regarded product in the market, known for ...

i9-12900H Processor

The Capabilities of the i9-12900H Processor


Power and Performance: The i9-12900H Processor Are you in search of a high-performance processor that can handle demanding tasks effortlessly? ...

iPhone 14 Pro Max vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 14 Pro Max vs iPhone 12 Pro Max: Apple’s Flagship Giants!


iPhone 14 Pro Max vs.iPhone 12 Pro Max When it comes to flagship smartphones, Apple’s iPhones have always been at ...

Intel graphics card

Even the most powerful Intel graphics card does not meet Starfield’s minimum requirements.


Although technically everything should be fine Intel continues to improve its software for Arc video cards after the release of ...

Ryzen 5 4600G

“Turn” Ryzen 5 4600G into a 16GB graphics card for faster AI performance.


You can take other Ryzen AI-related workloads are always resource-intensive, but due to the fact that this is a very ...

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