Taking Flight with Confidence: Emirates Earns Certified Autism Center™ Designation for Dubai Check-In Facilities


In a significant step towards making travel more inclusive, Emirates, a global airline renowned for its exceptional service, has been awarded the Certified Autism Center™ (CAC) designation for all its check-in facilities in Dubai. This achievement coincides perfectly with World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd, further solidifying Dubai’s commitment to accessible tourism.

This prestigious designation, conferred by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES), signifies that Emirates’ Dubai check-in facilities have met rigorous criteria to ensure a comfortable and supported travel experience for neurodiverse customers, including those with autism and sensory sensitivities.

Emirates Earns Certified Autism Center
Emirates Earns Certified Autism Center

Elevating the Travel Experience for All: What the Certification Means

The CAC designation represents a multi-faceted approach undertaken by Emirates:

Specialized Staff Training: Employees across all Dubai check-in facilities have undergone comprehensive training on autism and sensory awareness. This training equips staff with the knowledge and skills to effectively address the needs of autistic travelers and those with sensory sensitivities, ensuring a more inclusive and stress-free travel experience for all.

Sensory Audits and Guides: Emirates conducted in-depth sensory audits across all check-in locations. These audits measured various sensory inputs in public areas, including lighting, sound levels, and potential sights and smells. The data gathered from these audits has been instrumental in developing sensory guides. These guides empower travelers to make informed choices and select the environment best suited to their individual needs and preferences.

This initiative aligns perfectly with the vision of Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) to become the Middle East’s first Certified Autism Destination™ (CAD). The recent recognition of Dubai International Airport as the first international airport to receive the CAC designation further reinforces Dubai’s dedication to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all travelers.

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Convenience and Flexibility: Emirates’ City Check-In Services

Emirates’ City Check-In facilities across Dubai offer a convenient and stress-free pre-airport experience. Located in easily accessible locations, these facilities cater to busy travelers seeking a more relaxed journey:

Early Check-In: Passengers can check in for their flights up to 24 hours before departure, eliminating the need to rush to the airport on the day of travel.

Luggage Drop-Off: Travelers can conveniently drop off their luggage between four and 24 hours before departure, freeing them to explore Dubai without the burden of their luggage.

Multiple Check-In Options: Emirates offers a variety of check-in options to suit individual preferences. Passengers can choose between agent-assisted check-in, robot-assisted check-in, or self-service kiosks, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process.

A Collaborative Effort for Inclusive Travel

Emirates’ commitment to accessibility extends beyond its facilities. The airline has partnered with key stakeholders in Dubai, including the Department of Economy and Tourism (DET), Dubai Airports, the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs, Dubai Police, and Dubai Customs. Through this collaborative effort, they are actively working to make travel a more inclusive and accessible experience for all visitors, reflecting Dubai’s vision of becoming a leading destination for travelers with diverse needs.

Myron Pincomb, Chairman of the Board for IBCCES, commended Emirates on their achievement, stating, “Emirates is known worldwide for its exceptional guest service. Checking in for a flight can be a stressful experience for anyone. With the completion of the facilities, audits, and the addition of new sensory guides, the check-in procedure at these facilities will be more accommodating for people of determination, especially those with sensory challenges.”

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IBCCES also offers a valuable online resource for families traveling with individuals on the autism spectrum. AutismTravel.com is a free website that lists certified destinations and connects families with other resources and support networks. Every destination listed on the site has successfully met the CAC requirements, ensuring a more comfortable and stress-free travel experience.

Emirates Soars Towards a More Inclusive Future

Emirates’ achievement in securing the CAC designation for all its Dubai check-in facilities signifies a significant step towards a more inclusive travel experience. Through specialized staff training, sensory audits, and the development of user-friendly sensory guides, Emirates demonstrates its commitment to catering to the needs of all travelers, ensuring everyone can take flight with confidence.

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