Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour and the NFL Schedule: A Tale of Fandom and Scheduling Logistics


There has been much speculation and rumor regarding the influence of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour on the NFL’s 2024-2025 schedule, particularly concerning the Kansas City Chiefs. The notion that the league tailored the Chiefs’ schedule to accommodate Swift’s ability to attend games has captivated fans and conspiracy theorists alike. However, a closer examination reveals a more nuanced reality.

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour and the NFL Schedule
Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour and the NFL Schedule

Did the NFL Consider Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour When Scheduling Chiefs Games?

Clarifying the Rumors

The speculation began when fans noticed seemingly coincidental alignments between the Kansas City Chiefs schedule and Taylor Swift’s tour dates. Given Swift’s high-profile relationship with Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce, many believed the NFL might have orchestrated the schedule to facilitate her attendance at games. However, NFL Vice President of Broadcast Planning, Mike North, has set the record straight.

Mike North’s Statement

During a conference call with reporters, North addressed the rumors directly. He acknowledged that while the NFL did take Swift’s Eras Tour into account for some logistical reasons, it did not specifically alter the Chiefs’ schedule for this purpose.

“I saw a lot of conspiracy theorists talking about Kansas City at Buffalo in the middle of the season, right when Taylor’s playing Toronto,” North said. “That one did not hit our radar screen.”

Swift’s Tour and Other NFL Teams

While the Chiefs’ schedule wasn’t influenced by Swift’s tour, North did confirm that the NFL considered her tour dates when scheduling games for teams that share stadiums with her concert venues. This consideration primarily affected the Miami Dolphins, New Orleans Saints, and Indianapolis Colts.

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“We certainly considered the tour dates that hit NFL stadiums,” North stated. “I think she’s in Miami, maybe New Orleans, Indy. We certainly considered those.”

Impact on Other Teams

Indeed, the Dolphins, Saints, and Colts have away games scheduled around the same time Swift’s Eras Tour is set to visit their cities. This strategic planning helps to avoid logistical conflicts and ensures that the stadiums are available for both the NFL games and Swift’s concerts.

The Taylor Swift Effect on NFL Viewership

Swift’s Influence on Game Attendance and Viewership

Taylor Swift’s appearances at Chiefs games last season were a significant draw, particularly among younger and female demographics. Her presence not only boosted attendance but also spiked television viewership whenever she was spotted in the stands.

Roger Goodell’s Remarks

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has been vocal about the positive impact of Swift’s involvement. During a Super Bowl week press conference, he expressed enthusiasm for the “Taylor Swift effect,” noting that her appearances have introduced a new audience to NFL games.

“The Taylor Swift effect is also a positive,” Goodell said. “It’s great to have her a part of it. It creates a buzz; it creates another group of young fans, particularly young women, that are interested in seeing, ‘Why is she going to this game?’ ‘Why is she interested in this game besides Travis?’ She’s a football fan. And I think that’s great for us.”

Anticipating Swift’s Attendance at Future Chiefs Games

Swift’s Tour Schedule and Chiefs’ Games

Now that the NFL schedule is finalized and Swift’s tour dates are set, Chiefs fans are eagerly anticipating her potential appearances at games. With Swift performing in Toronto from November 14-27 and the Chiefs playing the Buffalo Bills in Buffalo on November 17, there is speculation that she might attend the game given the proximity.

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Potential Benefits for the NFL

Swift’s attendance would undoubtedly continue to draw significant attention and viewership, further solidifying her influence on the NFL fan base. Her presence at games, whether in person or through social media mentions, contributes to the league’s popularity and engagement metrics.

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