Telegram groups, how many news for groups and channels in the latest update


Version 8.3 of Telegram introduces many new features in Telegram groups and channels. And the iOS app finally gains an interesting addition

There is interesting news on Telegram. The developers of the rival instant messaging app of WhatsApp have in fact formalized the launch of the distribution of a new update of the popular platform on the Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

Telegram groups
Telegram groups

The news of version 8.3 of Telegram above all winks at groups and channels, two of the most distinctive features of the application. Let’s see together the most important additions made in these hours by the software house founded by the Durov brothers.

Firstly, the owners of groups and channels on Telegram will be able to take advantage of a range of even more substantial options in terms of privacy, for example by preventing the forwarding of messages, capturing screenshots, and saving content. To do this, simply open the Group or channel info page, enter the “Group/channel type” section and select the “Forbid saving contents” item.

At the same time, it will also be possible to write anonymously within public groups: the interface will show the name and photo of the channel instead of information relating to the personal account. The change can be activated by touching the profile photo next to the message bar and choosing one of your channels.

Telegram for iOS gains recognition of text in photos

Another feature, always dedicated to privacy, closes the circle: users will now be able to delete the chat history of a specific day or a specific period of time.

Among the novelties of the update to version 8.3 of Telegram there are additions, so to speak, minor but which, in the imagination of the app developers, should still improve the user experience. Among these, there is above all access to Telegram via call and new themes with day and night mode. With regard to Apple’s iOS operating system (versions 13 and later), Telegram chats will now be embellished with text recognition in photos.


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