That’s how long it took GPT-4 to generate a Pong game in JavaScript


Pac-Man took 90 seconds

Neural networks continue to amaze with their capabilities. Developer Pietro Scirano said that GPT-4 was able to create JavaScript versions of the popular games Pong , Asteroids , Breakout , and Pac-Man . At the same time, it took about a minute to generate each.

Pong game in JavaScript
Pong game in JavaScript

The games were created according to a short TOR, and the specifics were not prescribed in the tasks. First, Shirano asked GPT-4 what the neural network thought was the best programming language for “creating a Pong-like game.” In response, the system recommended using JavaScript, and then generated a playable version itself.

That’s how long it took GPT-4 to generate a Pong game in JavaScript

In addition, the neural network has added a scoring system to Breakout. As the developer himself stated, the GPT-3.5 version could not create Pong.

It took 90 seconds to create Pac-Man, this game was “ordered” by the user under the nickname Shota. After generation, he only slightly changed the colors in the code and corrected the position of the mouth of the hero of the game. At the same time, the user stated that he did not understand the code.

Earlier it was reported that GPT-4 was able to create a JavaScript game where you have to “rob cows”.

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