The All-New Maruti Swift 2024 Zooms into Showrooms: A Detailed Look


The wait is finally over! Maruti Suzuki, India’s leading automaker, has begun delivering the much-anticipated 2024 Maruti Swift to eager customers across the country. This fourth-generation iteration of the iconic hatchback boasts a refreshed design, a suite of new features, and a more efficient powertrain, making it a compelling proposition for Indian car buyers.

Maruti Swift 2024 Zooms
Maruti Swift 2024 Zooms

A Legacy of Success: The Maruti Swift Story

For over three generations, the Maruti Swift has been a dominant force in the Indian hatchback segment. Renowned for its sporty design, peppy performance, and fuel efficiency, the Swift has consistently captured the hearts of drivers seeking a fun and practical everyday car. The 2024 Swift builds upon this legacy, offering a more contemporary aesthetic, enhanced features, and an even more economical engine.

Design Evolution: Sharper Looks, Retained Identity

Maruti has adopted a subtle yet effective approach to the 2024 Swift’s design. The overall silhouette remains familiar, instantly recognizable as the beloved Swift. However, sharper lines, a redesigned grille, and restyled headlamps and taillights lend the hatchback a more modern and sophisticated look.

The 2024 Swift caters to diverse tastes with a palette of seven vibrant colors. You can choose from four stylish monotone options or opt for a trendy dual-tone combination to personalize your ride.

Packed with Features: A Tech-Savvy Interior

The 2024 Swift takes a significant leap forward in terms of features compared to its predecessors. Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by a well-designed and comfortable cabin. The centerpiece of the interior is the new, larger 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system. This advanced unit boasts support for wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, allowing seamless integration of your smartphone for navigation, music streaming, and hands-free calling.

Maruti has also revamped the climate control panel, drawing inspiration from the acclaimed Baleno. Additionally, the Swift features redesigned air conditioning vents for improved airflow and a convenient wireless charging pad for compatible devices.

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Safety First: Enhanced Protection for Passengers

Safety remains a top priority for Maruti Suzuki. The 2024 Swift comes equipped with a comprehensive suite of safety features to ensure the well-being of both driver and passengers. Six airbags (dual front airbags, side airbags, and curtain airbags) come standard across all variants, providing excellent protection in the event of a collision.

Every seat benefits from three-point seat belts with reminder indicators, ensuring everyone buckles up for a safe journey. The Swift also features a robust Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist to maintain control during braking maneuvers.

Further enhancing safety are the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and Hill Hold Assist. ESP helps prevent loss of control in slippery conditions, while Hill Hold Assist prevents the car from rolling backward when starting on an incline.

Powertrain Redefined: A New Engine with Improved Efficiency

The 2024 Swift ushers in a new era of powertrain technology. Under the hood lies the all-new 1.2-liter K12C DualJet Dual VVT Z series engine. This advanced three-cylinder unit produces 82 PS of peak power and 112 Nm of torque, delivering a spirited driving experience.

More importantly, the new engine prioritizes fuel efficiency. Maruti claims the 2024 Swift can achieve an impressive fuel economy of 25.75 kmpl with the 5-speed AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) and 24.8 kmpl with the 5-speed manual transmission. These figures translate to significant savings on fuel costs, making the Swift an even more attractive proposition for budget-conscious buyers.

While a CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) option isn’t available at launch, Maruti Suzuki has hinted at its introduction in the future. This will further enhance Swift’s appeal to eco-conscious car buyers seeking a fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly option.

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Standing Out from the Crowd: The Maruti Swift’s Competitors

The Maruti Swift faces stiff competition in the bustling Indian hatchback segment. Its primary rival is the Hyundai Grand i10 Nios, another popular choice known for its stylish design and feature-rich offering.

However, the Swift also competes with compact SUVs like the Hyundai Venue, Tata Punch, and Renault Triber. These vehicles offer a slightly higher seating position and more cargo space, appealing to buyers seeking a blend of hatchback practicality and SUV-like features.


Q: What are the key differences between the 2024 Swift and the previous model?

A: The 2024 Swift features a refreshed design with sharper lines, a new grille, and restyled headlamps and taillights. The interior boasts a larger 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a redesigned climate control panel, and a wireless charging pad. Most importantly, the new Swift comes with a more fuel-efficient 1.2-liter K12C DualJet Dual VVT Z series engine.

Q: Which variant of the 2024 Swift should I choose?

A: The ideal variant depends on your budget and desired features. The LXi offers essential features at an attractive price point. The VXi and VXi (O) provide a good balance of features and comfort. For a more premium experience with advanced features, consider the ZXi or ZXi+.

Q: Does the 2024 Swift offer a CNG option?

A: No, a CNG option isn’t available at launch. However, Maruti Suzuki has hinted at its introduction in the future.

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