The Alters: Embodying Choice and Survival on a Hostile Planet


From the acclaimed developers of Frostpunk, 11-bit studios comes a brand new adventure – The Alters. Introduced in 2022 with a gripping trailer, The Alters is gearing up for release, recently unveiling a lengthy gameplay segment that delves deeper into its unique concept.

The Alters
The Alters

Dual Releases and a Glimpse into The Alters

11-bit studios are poised to deliver not just one, but two compelling titles in 2024. The highly anticipated Frostpunk 2 will arrive on July 25th, followed by The Alters, which is slated for release sometime in the second half of the year. While a final release date remains under wraps, the extended gameplay footage offers an exciting glimpse into what players can expect.

A Fusion of Strategy and Adventure: A One-Man Fight for Survival

The Alters seamlessly blends elements of strategy and adventure, placing players in the shoes of Jan Dolski, a seemingly ordinary worker. Thrust upon an alien world after a crash landing, Jan finds himself the sole survivor facing a harsh, unpredictable reality.

However, hope emerges in the form of Rapidium, a mysterious resource native to this foreign planet. With Rapidium, Jan unlocks a groundbreaking ability: to create alternate versions of himself, known as Alters.

The Power of Duality: Meeting the Alters

The concept of creating Alters forms the crux of The Alters’ gameplay. These alternate versions of Jan each represent a different path his life could have taken, a reflection of past decisions and choices. Each Alter possesses unique traits and skills, tailored to tackle specific challenges that may arise throughout Jan’s struggle for survival.

The recently released gameplay showcases this concept in action. Players witness Jan utilizing his Alters to overcome various obstacles. One Alter excels at physical tasks like mining, while another demonstrates expertise in crafting essential tools and resources. Building relationships with each Alter and strategically leveraging their strengths will be vital for Jan’s survival.

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Facing the Unknown: Crafting a Strategy on a Desolate World

The gameplay footage also throws light on the desolate alien landscape Jan finds himself in. The environment appears unforgiving, with scorching temperatures and treacherous terrain creating constant threats. Resource management becomes paramount, as Jan utilizes his Alters and scavenged materials to build a mobile base that can withstand the harsh conditions.

The gameplay offers a glimpse of Jan’s journey as he navigates the treacherous planet, utilizes his Alters effectively, manages resources, and unravels the mystery behind his predicament.

A demo offering players a hands-on experience with The Alters is set to release next week. This will be an excellent opportunity to explore the game’s core mechanics and delve further into the world of The Alters.

Beyond the Gameplay: A Compelling Narrative and Moral Choices

While the gameplay focuses on the practicalities of survival, The Alters promises a deeper narrative experience as well. The ability to create alternate versions of oneself presents a fascinating philosophical layer to the story. What might Jan’s life have been like if he had made different choices? How do his past decisions influence the personalities and abilities of his Alters? These are just some of the questions players might ponder as they delve deeper into the game’s story.

The Alters also hints at moral complexities woven into the gameplay. Players will likely face difficult choices as they manage their Alters and navigate the challenges on the alien planet. These decisions will undoubtedly affect Jan’s journey and determine the fate of his survival quest.

The Alters: A Survival Adventure Like No Other

The Alters stands out with its innovative concept of creating alternate versions of yourself to overcome challenges. The marriage of strategy and adventure elements promises a unique gameplay experience, further enhanced by a thought-provoking narrative and potentially impactful choices. With the release date approaching and a demo on the horizon, further details regarding The Alters are sure to ignite excitement among gamers.

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Q: What type of game is The Alters?

A: The Alters is a blend of strategy and adventure elements where players take on the role of a survivor on an alien planet.

Q: What is the unique gameplay mechanic in The Alters?

A: Players can create alternate versions of themselves, each with distinct skills, to overcome various challenges.

Q: When is The Alters being released?

A: The Alters is expected to be released in the second half of 2024. A specific release date hasn’t been announced yet.

Q: Is there a demo available for The Alters?

A: Yes, a demo of The Alters is scheduled to be released next week.