The Boss on Vocal Rest: Bruce Springsteen Postpones European Tour Dates Due to Ongoing Health Concerns


Bruce Springsteen fans in Europe face a temporary setback as the legendary rocker postpones three upcoming shows due to vocal issues. This latest development comes just weeks after the European leg of his tour kicked off, raising concerns about the 74-year-old musician’s health.

Bruce Springsteen Postpones
Bruce Springsteen Postpones

A Rescheduled Tour and Renewed Vocal Concerns

Springsteen and his iconic E Street Band were already navigating rescheduled tour dates due to a previous health issue. Last fall, the entire 2023 tour was postponed as Springsteen battled peptic ulcer disease. After undergoing treatment and recovering, the tour was rescheduled for 2024.

However, the recent string of postponements casts a shadow over the European leg. Following a rescheduled concert in Marseille due to vocal problems, further medical evaluation prompted the postponement of three additional shows.

Here’s a breakdown of the recent postponements:

  • Original Show: Saturday, May 25th – Marseille, France
  • Rescheduled Show: Date TBA
  • Reason: Vocal Issues

Here are the newly postponed shows:

  • Original Show: Tuesday, May 28th – Prague, Czech Republic (Airport Letnany)
  • Rescheduled Show: Date TBA
  • Reason: Vocal Issues
  • Original Shows: Saturday, June 1st & Monday, June 3rd – Milan, Italy (San Siro Stadium)
  • Rescheduled Shows: Dates TBA
  • Reason: Vocal Issues

The official announcement on Springsteen’s Instagram page assures fans that the shows will be rescheduled and new dates will be announced “shortly.” It also states that Springsteen is “recuperating comfortably” and the European tour is still expected to resume on June 12th in Madrid, Spain.

A History of Resilience: Springsteen’s Past Health Challenges

Springsteen’s dedication to his fans is well-known, and he has consistently strived to deliver powerful live performances throughout his decades-long career. However, health concerns have occasionally forced him to reschedule or cancel shows.

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Here’s a look at some past instances:

  • 2023 Tour Postponement: As mentioned earlier, the entire 2023 tour was postponed due to peptic ulcer disease.
  • Prior Health Issues: Springsteen has faced other health concerns in the past, leading to occasional postponements or cancellations.

Despite these challenges, Springsteen’s commitment to his music and his fans remains unwavering. Here’s hoping for a swift recovery and a smooth continuation of the European tour.

Looking Ahead: Rescheduled Shows and Continued European Tour

While the recent postponements are a setback, fans can anticipate rescheduled dates for the affected shows. Here’s what we know so far:

  • Rescheduled Dates: New dates for the postponed shows in Prague and Milan will be announced soon.
  • European Tour Resumption: The European tour is expected to resume on June 12th in Madrid.

Springsteen’s dedication to his craft and his unwavering connection with his audience suggest that these postponements are a temporary hurdle. Fans can expect a powerful and emotional live experience once the tour resumes.

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