The cheapest laptop with Intel Iris Xe Max discrete graphics. Chuwi CoreBook Xe will cost only $ 600

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Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 03:12 pm

But he didn’t get a new generation processor

 Intel presented its first mobile discrete video card  Iris Xe Max in the fall of last year, but it never appeared in laptops en masse. If only because its performance practically does not differ from the iGPU G7 in Tiger Lake-U processors. 

Intel Iris Xe Max
Intel Iris Xe Max

The cheapest laptop with Intel Iris Xe Max discrete graphics. Chuwi CoreBook Xe will cost only $ 600

However, there will soon be one more laptop with Iris Xe Max on the market. The Chuwi CoreBook Xe model will receive just such a video card and will be released in April. And for only $ 600.  

It was possible to achieve such a price, among other things, thanks to the use of not the latest processor. The novelty will receive a 14-nanometer Core i5-10210U. By the way, it may be the first laptop to combine an Iris Xe Max graphics card with an older generation Intel processor. It also has to be the cheapest laptop with the negotiated Intel graphics card.

As for the rest, the source says a 15.6-inch screen, Full HD or 2K resolution, 8 GB of RAM and an SSD with a capacity of 256 GB to 1 TB.  

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