The closed beta test of the competitive action movie Blood of Heroes begins on May 4, but only on PC


The closed beta test of the competitive action movie Blood of Heroes begins on May 4, but only on PC

The Belarusian studio Vizor Games, which until recently was engaged in mobile and social games, announced a closed beta testing of its competitive action movie Blood of Heroes.

 Blood of Heroes
Blood of Heroes

Blood of Heroes was presented back in early March of this year on the official Facebook page. Still, the developers decided to make a full presentation with a trailer, screenshots, and release information only now.

The events of Blood of Heroes unfold in the surroundings of the “gloomy Middle Ages” in the “vastness of the inexorable between the worlds,” where selected warriors will have to fight each other in special arenas.

The closed beta testing of Blood of Heroes will begin on May 4 of this year and will be held exclusively on PC. You can leave a request on the official website of the project.

As part of the trials, Blood of Heroes users will have access to six heroes and duel and group battle modes. Each of the character classes assumes a particular style of play.

“We wanted to make a game that we would love to play ourselves: an evil, adrenaline-filled world in the style of Dark Souls with unforgiving PvP battles, with gladiator warriors without pity or fear. The characters in Blood of Heroes are not knights in shining armor fighting blindly for a cause. As in life, they can be ruthless and cunning, avengers or, conversely, defenders. The essence is revealed in battle. We tried to make them such that each player could find his own in spirit, mood and gameplay, ”said project manager Dmitry Voronov.

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