The company may release Galaxy Watch Ultra with a Mini LED screen


Apple also wants to use Mini LED

Samsung has a smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro, which can be called a conditional competitor to the Apple Watch Ultra. However, watches still play in different segments, and Samsung may appear as a full-fledged competitor to Apple’s top watches in the foreseeable future.

Galaxy Watch Ultra
Galaxy Watch Ultra

The company may release Galaxy Watch Ultra with a Mini LED screen

The Korean giant said it is considering using Micro LED panels for small displays such as those found on smartwatches.

And insider Revegnus says there is a possibility that Micro LED could be used in a new line called Galaxy Watch Ultra.

Of course, the new Samsung watch should stand out far more than just its screen to compete with the Apple Watch Ultra, but there are no details yet.

Insider Revegnus was the first to publish a photo of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 before its release and also described the characteristics of the Exynos 2400, which were then confirmed in Geekbench software.

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